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When I went to bed last night, Apple Mail (Lion, MacBook Pro) worked fine on my home IMAP server, as they have done for some time.


This morning, I cannot log in and I now get the following error message:


The IMAP server “...” rejected the password for user “...”.


The password is definitely correct.  I have typed in the password repeatedly (although it was already correct) to no avail - I just get the same error message again.


Since then, I have tried:


  • my Linux laptop using Thunderbird
  • my Xoom (running Android ICS) and K9
  • my SGS2 (running Honeycomb) and K9
  • my iPad 2 using IOS Mail
  • Roundcube (webmail client) on the MacBook Pro itself (so no connectivity issues)


and all still work perfectly.  There have been no changes to my mail server (which is Dovecot running on Debian Squeeze, which has been running flawlessly for years) and none to my MacBook Pro (unless they were silent).


I have tried deleting all the relevant items from my keychain, but that has made no difference either.


Any ideas because I'm stumped?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)