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Hello, ive been trying to install windows 7 x64 for the past few days.... but i cant pass the black screen after the installation is complete


I already did several searchs on this subject, i read this article http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3173 but got no sucess doing exactly what is asked.


Also i tried other possible solution that i found out that was using Mac Fuse to search for a .sys file inside the windows partition and erase it but i couldnt found these file either..


So im out of possibilities now and dont know what to do, how can i install windows 7 x64 via bootcamp on my iMac?


I can install windows but on the last restart to initialize windows after all instalation it gets on the black screen with the _ on the left upper corner blinking...


My imac is 27" Mid-2010 model


Any help would be aprecciated