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I've followed the guides, asked Geniuses and spoken with AppleCare on how to implement charts within the iPad Numbers app. So far I haven't been able together any help or suggestions.


I am trying to create a pie chart showing some data for an investment portfolio. So maybe 6 investments totalling 100%. When I select the data first and click on create a chart, it brings up one single segment showing 100%. If I add the data afterwards it does the same, sometimes when you click change from rows to columns will it bring up more than one segment, but not always. It also does not show the chart labels with the input data, and just leaves them as coloured dots.


I have found one one, way is to click individual pieces of data, so 6 clicks in this example, but it still doesn't show the labels and I can't work out how to make it do this.


It shouldn't be this hard, to create on of the new beautiful charts as advertised for this app, but yet no one at apple seems to know how it works, and suggest its either a bug or that the app isn't powerful enough to create charts?


I have tried on a first and third generation iPad, as well as on my pone 3GS and 4S but none of these work either.


Please help.......





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