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I want an object to grow from one slide to onther yet what I get when using magic move is that it fades out and then fades in with the new size. Why is that? How can I fix it?



Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Magic Move depends on having the same object on the first and second slide. The easiest way to do this is create a slide, place your object(s) on it and then clone the slide buy Option-Drag in the Navigator. Then you can re-position or resize any of the objects. You can even rotate the objects.


    The tricky part is if you change the formatting of an object (make the shape editable, reduce image file size, smooth shape lines, etc) . Once that happens, Magic Move loses its track of the object and will transition the objects as simple dissolves vice moves. Try to avoid using any of the Format Menu options on any of the objects you want to Magic Move and you should be OK.

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    Hello again,


    Thank you very much for your reply. The thing is that I didn't do any such format changes: I copied the slide and just resized the image using the mouse (clicking on the boundaires and changing the size). Neverhteless, I still get the fading rather than the magic move. Why can that be?


    Again, thank you very much for this assistance -  I really need it!



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    Check to be sure that the first slide has the Magic Move Transition assigned, not the second slide. Magic Move is a slide transition and the transition is from the first to the second slide.


    If that is not working, I'd be glad to take a look and see what may be causing the problem. You can send me a copy of your Keynote by clicking my name above (in blue)

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    Hi again,


    I very much appreciate your kind offer, and would love to send you the Keynote. I did choose the first slide and not the second, and I was able to use the magic key in other slides, but I can't seem to solve this problem. I clicked on your name above and got to what looked like your website, but wasn't able to find where I can actually send you an email.

    Again, I cannot thank you enought for this help (my talk is on Wednesday and it would be great if I could solve the problem...).


    Many tanks,


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    My email link should have showed on the Profile Page below my name. Not sure why you didn't find it.


    Lacking that, you may have to re-build your two slides. Start by deleting the two affected slides and creating a new first slide with the objects placed as needed. Then clone the slide by Option-Drag in the Navigator. On your second slide, reposition and resize your objects with the following caveat:


    (after experimenting)


    Photos will magic move, resize and rotate; shapes will only move and resize - if you attempt to rotate a shape (even the slightest bit) Keynote will treat the second slide shape as a new shape object and cause the shapes to not move but to give you the fade transition you describe.


    If shape rotation is needed, the cheat would be to move and resize the shape on slide #2, then create a clone of slide #2 and on the third slide rotate the shape with a fast automatic transition (fast dissolve  & no click) - the effect is the shape object moves to its new position then rotates and everything else stays in correct position so the audience doesn't even know there is a 3rd slide.


    Try that.

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    I think I have the same thing.


    I have two slides.


    Slide A has a graphic box in it that's small, and Slide B has the same graphic box larger, so Magic Move does a nice transition and grows the box.


    Slide A also has a picture of a man in it.  On Slide B I'm using Build/Move to slide him off the page, starting him in the same place he was on Slide A.


    So what I'm looking for is that the box grows between the slides and then the guy slides off the page.


    But when I use Magic Move as a transition between A and B, he fades off and comes back on before the Build/Move takes him off the page.  I don't want him to fade.


    For the moment, I've solved it by taking off the Magic Move transition and giving up growing the box because it wasn't essential, but eventually I'm going to want to use both the Magic Move from slide A to slide B followed by a Build Move on slide B, so I'd love to know how to stop the fade.

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    Similar to Liad's problem. You have a shape that doesn't work well with magic move (changing its size can do that) causing the whole slide to use a dissolve transition instead. That is why you have the photo of the man dissolve momentarily. Break the effects into three slides (clone the first 2 more times) and do the magic move on one and the shape on the other and set their transitions to automatically happen one after the other. That's the best you will probably get.

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    Okay so slide A1 and A2 would be the box getting bigger, and then B would be the guy sliding off the page?


    Actually, because of the design on the slide.  I'd have to do B again.  Do slide A.  Do slide B with the small the box.  Do slide B with the large box (B2).  Then Slide B with the guy sliding off the page (B3).  Right?

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    To be honest, I can't tell because I can't see your presentation - try it and experiment, that's how you learn the limits and foibles of Keynote. Because shapes behave oddly across transitions, no guarantees can ever apply.


    Good Luck.

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    Thank you!