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itunes match is showing that its already associated with another Apple ID and will not let me access the device for 90 days, it's not my id, how do I change this?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1, itunes match
  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 (16,785 points)

    DId someone log into the iTunes Store on your device with their iTunes Store ID?


    We need more information. What "device" are you seeing this on? A computer or an iOS device? Who's iTunes Store ID was used to purchase iTunes Match? Who's iTunes Store ID are you attempting to log in with and on what "device?"

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    it's on my ipad2, my id was used to purchase itunes match, i have kids, so one of them logged into their account on the device to purchase music on their account, I logged them out and when i entered my id on the ipad i got the message that this device is already associated with an Apple ID.  There's two problems, 1. I can't log into my own itunes match account (I paid for it) and 2. now no one, no matter what ID you enter, will let you see or hear music (that I paid for).....

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    You're just going to have to wait the 90 days to log into your iTunes account on the iPad. There's no way around this limitation.

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    Exactly the same has happened to us.  I share my mac with the kids and my son logged in to buy the Jack White album on monday on his account, and now I find I am locked out of itunes match for 90 days. To be honest I'm liking itunes match (in the UK anyway) less and less. It's pants on the iphone, and limited use on the mac.


    That's what you get for encouraging your children to download music legally

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    This happened to me as well, but I didn't log in with another account.  I just set up my phone as new and then logged in with the same Apple ID used with iTunes Match, and I got the message.  iTunes Store support says basically suck it up and no refund allowed. I've moved to Amazon Cloud.

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    Yes unfortunately if you have more than one user signing into your mac or pc, Amazon Cloud is the same or even worse than iTunes Match for licking you out of your account.

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    I have actually been using Amazon cloud for a while now and never had this problem. Actually, I think I did get locked out once and was able to get back in by contacting support and answering some questions. This option isn't available with Apple.. They lock you out for 90 days regardless of whether you can verify your ID. I know this because I contacted them recently and they verified my identity exhaustively and then said 'sorry-there's nothing we can do and you are not  getting a refund for time lost.'  I think I understand why the policy is there, but I think it's ridiculous that they make no exceptions even when the mistake is on their side, which I'm pretty sure it is in my case.