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Is MacKeeper Safe?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    No. Avoid like the plague.

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    It's about as safe as a skinny 100 lb weakling flashing cash in a high crime neighborhood.



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    No, no and absolutely no! And if you install it, you'll have a lot of troubles to unninstall it.


    Be careful my friend .

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    Don't do it! just don't do it! that's all!!

    (now that I said don't do it 50 more people are going to try it because they don't like to be told "Don't", then they too can spend 2 hours going thrugh the complicated manual removal process)

    Sometines don't really is for your own good!

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    Horrible. I crashed time and time again. I paid for it and asked for my money back. I wish I came here first to see the comments. I usually look in to these things but it look more legitimate.

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    hmm...this poster asked exactly the same question over a month and half ago, here




    I wonder why....

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    I'm sure you already know this but...

    I'm betting they have some affiliation with MacKeeper.


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    Hi Steve,


    almost every thread that gets started on this is never marked as 'answered' by the OP, and never recieves a second post from the OP, so I can only imagine someone wants to keep bringing the topic to the top of the thread.


    What I can't figure out is why or how that would be in Zeobit's interest, given the amount of negative responses about the product that get generated. Maybe it's just a chance to see if their Street Team program is doing its work or not...?

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    I've also tried to get people to complain to the sites that advertise it not to advertise it any further.

    What may help is this user tip:


    What we need is enough critical mass in the complaints about the advertising to get them to stop advertising it.

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    MacKeeper is you're computer screaming "911".

    It's a dangerous internet trojan as well as a servere program that has FULL access to you're computer/files. I do NOT reccommend clicking on any MacKeeper links. They are a SCAM.

    No, I have never had the personal experience of actually downloading MacKeeper, however, I was surfing the internet one day and it came in a pop up link. I was unable to close it so I had to force my safari to close. Hours later, everytime I opened my safari, this MacKeep CRAP kept showing up. Sooner or later, safari had a tantrum and saved itself.

    I love my macbook, and if you do too STAY AWAY FROM MACKEEPER. IT CAN DO NASTY THINGS.

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    I have installed MacKeeper on two of my computers for some time, and my wife has put it on hers as well.  While nothing seemed to function any better than before each scan I ran, nothing seemed to be any worse. I should have kept better track. I should have been suspicious when I was asked to buy new licenses virtually every time I would think to use the application.  I must have bought a few extra, but I consider that expense to have been the fine I have paid for being stupid.  They really lost me recently when they told me to clean out the junk in my computer (I am sure that I have accumulated some junk - everyone does).  When I ran the scan, MacKeeper told me that I had more than 80 million Tbytes of junk to clean out.  That would be incredible for a system that only has a capacity of a single Tbyte!  So I have called Support and will do my best to get rid of what can only be malware that I hope hasn't done anything truly pernicious to my system.


    Wish me luck, guys!

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    Further opinion on it and how to uninstall MacKeeper malware can be read here:




    MacKeeper have recently said that the uninstaller from here:


    http://applehelpwriter.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/how-to-uninstall-mackeeper-malwa re/


    now works.


    This is also worth reading:



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    This is July 23, 2015 @ 7:00 PM EST.  This afternoon, I got a message from one of my legitimate software sources, or so it seemed.  When I clicked on it for a "routine" upgrade, guess what I  had on my computer when all was done?  You guessed it!  MacKeeper! Is that company now using a  Trojan Horse to sneak on our computers?  Well, it did not take me more than a few seconds for me to fire up one of my file search programs (finds invisible files, too), and MacKeeper is GONE!  And, I hope forever!


    And by the way, I have had problems with MacKeeper in the past -- it kept my Safari program from running (a common complaint, I found out).  I have never paid MacKeeper, or its parent  company, any money for anything.  Not a single penny!  Yet, after today's sneak attack on my computer, I had what looked like the complete program (well over 30 separate files) newly installed on my hard drive.  Those files were promptly located, sent to "Trash," and my trash file has been emptied.  That's what I think of MacKeeper.


    By the way, you may be interested in knowing what app I used to get rid of this pest:  FastTasks2.  You can find this nice shareware program on the Internet.