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I have two macs, an iphone, and an ipad.


icloud syncing of bookmarks does not appear to work at all.


Both macs are set to sync everything with the same icloud account.


However, bookmarks do not seem to sync at all.


Assuming the iMac is the master computer and the macbook pro is the other computer, I turned bookmark syncing off on the other computer, waited a few minutes, and then turned bookmark syncing back on.  All the Safari bookmarks on the other computer disappeared and have not been replaced with the bookmarks that (in theory) should be on the imac (master computer) and also (presumably) in icloud.


I am at a loss at to how to fix this.


I have a good backup of my Safari bookmarks from the master computer, so if anyone knows how to reset the bookmarks in icloud, and then sync them over to the other computer, I would appreciate some suggestions.


The icloud bookmarks also do not seem to sync with the IOS devices either.