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Im not very good at troubleshooting, but I have played around with the system preferences. My airport connection is fine as well as the ethernet. Firewall says its not connected, (im not sure if that matters or not?)

I have subtracted my network from the list, restarted, and then put it back and and restarted...nothing seems to be working. Iam in the middle of a correspondace course and i really need my internet back...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
Reply by BDAqua on Apr 11, 2012 12:19 AM Helpful

Lookfor Terminal in Applications>Ytilites, double click on it & once the Terminal Window opens, just copy & Paste those commands to the Terminal Window & hit ENTER.

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  • BDAqua Level 10 Level 10

    Hello Nichole,


    Any updates just before this started?


    Open Console in Utilities, look for Crash Reporter, copy & paste the last Safari Crash log, best to use Paste & Match style rather than just Paste.

  • Nichole87 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for your response. However, my internet wont stay on long enough to copy, then sign onto this wesite and paste. Im actually borrowing a friends laptop right now to try and fix my problem.

    iam in the console right now, this just started the other day, and from the 3rd fo this month i see alot of things that say:

    CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): Old-style plist paraser: missing semicolon in dictionary.


    another one says:

    ([0x0-0x34034][461] Job appears to have crashed:segmentation fault.



    saved crash report for safari [461] version 5.1.5 (6534.55.3) to /Users/cdestudent/Library/Logs/diagnosticreports/Safari_2012-04-09-185509_CDE-S tudents-Mac-mini.crash


    Those are all from sender(pid) - Safari [136]


    there are also messages from -[1]

    and - ...hd.peruser.501[86]


    Do those messages matter? Sorry i cant copy and paste the messages to help you help me diagnose the problem, if there is anything else i can do or any information i can provide you with, please let me know.

    Thanks again.

  • Nichole87 Level 1 Level 1

    Sender [PID] -[1]


    ( failed to count the number of files in "/System/Library/startupitems": No such file or directory


    its says that quite often, as well as the missing semi colon part from sender: safari [136]

  • BDAqua Level 10 Level 10

    Could be many things, we should start with this...


    "Try Disk Utility


    1. Insert the Mac OS X Install disc, then restart the computer while holding the C key.

    2. When your computer finishes starting up from the disc, choose Disk Utility from the Installer menu at the top of the screen. (In Mac OS X 10.4 or later, you must select your language first.)

    Important: Do not click Continue in the first screen of the Installer. If you do, you must restart from the disc again to access Disk Utility.

    3. Click the First Aid tab.

    4. Select your Mac OS X volume.

    5. Click Repair. Disk Utility checks and repairs the disk."



    Then try a Safe Boot, (holding Shift key down at bootup), run Disk Utility in Applications>Utilities, then highlight your drive, click on Repair Permissions, reboot when it completes.


    (Safe boot may stay on the gray radian for a long time, let it go, it's trying to repair the Hard Drive.)


    Then GULP, check for this...


    Flashback - Detect and remove the uprising Mac OS X Trojan...



    In order to avoid detection, the installer will first look for the presence of some antivirus tools and other utilities that might be present on a power user's system, which according to F-Secure include the following:


    /Library/Little Snitch









    If these tools are found, then the malware deletes itself in an attempt to prevent detection by those who have the means and capability to do so. Many malware programs use this behavior, as was seen in others such as the Tsunami malware bot.




    The most current flashback removal instructions are F-Secure's Trojan-Downloader:OSX/Flashback.K.

  • Nichole87 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks alot for taking the time to help me. Iam going to try this, but before i start, will this process delete anything on my computer? like downloads? pictures uploaded? programs installed?,,ect..

    and i think i understand everything up until the "flashback part"

    im sorry, like i said , i pretty computer illiterate.

    Is that part where its checking for viruses? or?

  • BDAqua Level 10 Level 10

    Don't worry, we're not hereto help the experts!


    Feel more than free to ask anything you're in doubt of.


    Forget the Flashback infection for now.


    The Disk Utilty should by all rights prevent any data loss, not cause it, it would take some pretty bad stuff happening for it to cause a problem.

    im sorry, like i said , i pretty computer illiterate.

    No need to feel sorry... you wouldn't be asking if you knew already, right?

  • Nichole87 Level 1 Level 1

    AHHHHHHHH, i messed up big time

    i dont know if this can be fixed or not.

    when you said hold shift key down at boot up i though you meant to restart the computer, well it wouldnt give me that option. it also didnt give me a mac os x option to repair, only a mac hd, so i did repair that, it said everything was fine, but when it didnt give me the reboot option and i wasnt able to restart it, i accidentally hit continue and started to reinstall the whole thing.

    i tried to stop it, but it said i may not be able to start my computer back up, so i let it go... Is this going to whipe out everything on my computer? pictures, downloads, and progems installed? photoshop, ect.?

    i didnt make a back up of my computer, but it does give me the option in utility to restore my computer... can i use the time machine? or will that restore it from factory use? or can i use anything else in the utility tab to help me (all options are available for use)

    its not completely finished being installed, its at the point where it says "if you reinstalled mac os x than use the applicatons cd to reinstalle iphoto, ivideo, ect..

    oh no, i hope i didnt screw myself.? :'(

    i really wish i knew what i was doing!

  • BDAqua Level 10 Level 10

    I think we're likely OK, 10.6.x by default does what we used to call an Archive & Install, which preserves your data & files, etc.


    Fingers crossed, but let us know...

  • Nichole87 Level 1 Level 1

    So continue with the installation?

    or do the backup?

  • BDAqua Level 10 Level 10

    Let it finish the Install, but a bit surprised it hasn't finished yet.

  • Nichole87 Level 1 Level 1

    ok, so all of my stuff is still there, i do have to reinstall i photo and a few other apps, so hopefully my pics are still internet is still not working. so im thinking ill try what i was supposed to do all over again?

    the last time my internet crashed it says (in the console messages)

    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'NSException'


    so i installed disk, restarted while holding the C, selected launguage, went to disk utility

    there is no step 4 of a first aid tab, until i select one of the volumes first.

    the only volume i see with an OS X title is "Mac OS X install DVD" which doesnt allow me to "repair disk"

    The only volume that enables that feature is called "Macintosh HD"


    this is where im leaving off until further instructions. do i choose Macintosh HD? and repair that (thats what i did last time) and what do i do after that with the "reboot"

    i thoght that would have been restarting my computer, but it doesnt enable that feature for me, and i also couldnt see any apllications then utility to run the disk through.

    Ill wait to hear from you.

    Thank you

  • BDAqua Level 10 Level 10

    The only volume that enables that feature is called "Macintosh HD"

    Yes, that is the one.


    Let's see what happens after you Repair, Quit DU, then restart.

  • Nichole87 Level 1 Level 1

    haha whats DU?

    i just want to make sure Iam doing everything 100% correct without guessing. I went a few steps too far last time. lol

    and when i restart this time, iam to hold the shift key down?

  • Nichole87 Level 1 Level 1

    its done repairing , it says the volume Macintosh HD appears to be ok

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