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I need to run a few programs in OS 9. Can I still run them if I upgrade my G4 powerbook to Leopard?

Power Mac G4 (Gigabit), Mac OS X (10.5)
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    If you ran them in Classic, no. If you ran them in Mac OS 9 as a native OS, yes.



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    Thank you for responding. I originally ran them under OS 9; but then upgraded my powerbook g4 to Tiger; so have been using Imageready 1.0 and a Tarot program under classic. I tried to follow the discussion before leopord was released; but am a simple user; so it probably went over my head. Is the 2 partition option still possible now that leopard is released and known not to support classic? I have a seagate drive to use for back ups; but don't know if I can boot from it. I haven't found any updates to these programs, and do use them regularly. Thanks for any suggestions. The only reason I would update my OS is Turbotax. This year we need Leopard to run it. I love my G4 and really can't afford a new computer. Thanks again

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    Mac OS X 10.5 doesn't support the Classic emulation layer, but doesn't disable the capability to boot the system into Mac OS 9. It doesn't matter if the internal drive has one or two partitions.



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    One thing that does matter is if the partition that Mac OS 9 was on, was reformatted.  If the reformatting did not include the Mac OS 9 drivers it won't be able to boot 9 until it does.  This article discusses that formatting: http://support.apple.com/kb/TA26834 Note formatting erases the drive.   So be sure to backup any data first before reformatting.

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    Thank you Brody. I'll check out the link and see if it is something I can manage on my own.

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    Thank you Neil. I'm beginning to get the picture. I appreciate your help.