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i DVD consistantly burns discs 30-40 mins in audio starts going out of sync and gets worse.  I have read all the comments on here with no solids fixes, a few work arounds (to me there should not be a "work around") but either way none of them worked.  I cannot get a good burn with iDVD. Granted I do not understand bitrate, codecs, audio rates etc. but these products should be user friendly (camera to dvd, yeah right) I have a good .mov file which plays perfectly in iMovie (audio attached or detached,) iDVD preview, QT and a few other media players.  Have tried burning to dual layer discs or single layer using the highest quality to the lowest all with same results.  Also tried Toast but it took 3 days and still didn't finished, trying the lowest possible quality in toast now waiting to see how it turns out, already been a day.  What a waste of time.

Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    iMovie: Improving audio and video synchronization



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    Audio was extracted for one of the attempts.  The link you gave was titled "If your audio and video do not play in sync when exported to QuickTime or iDVD, check the following:"  My exported product from iMovie to QT and in iDVD preview are fine the problem is the final DVD from iDVD.


    Also tried Toast again, DL dvd and it came up with errors.  I just want to keep the quality I am seeing in QT with an .mov or mp4 and burn it to DVD no combinations are working, the burns which actually got through the process were fuzzy or out of sync or both.   I am defintly not spending more money on another app, i thought toast and idvd were the best out there.

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    iDVD and Toast both burn no more and no less than what they receive. It has to be your iMovie project that contains an audio error.


    What audio have you added?


    Try saving the iDVD project as a disk image and play that with DVD Player or VLC. That saves collecting coasters!

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    I assure you the .mov and mp4 i have is of excellent quality as said above i have ran it through several media players.   the problem is the end product (DVD) from iDVD or Toast ...neither works with what they are receiving and as said before several different settings.  And why is this post now showing "solved" when i didn't select that, my problem is not solved.

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    Only you, as the original poster of the thread, can mark it solved!


    This tutorial video may help:




    Also, this User Tip offers a possible solution:



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    I don't have QT pro nor a seperate recorded audio track.  my audio is 16 bit and i have detached the audio in imovie but again i am not having a problem with imovie, the exported .mov file imovie creates is perfect,  the problem is with iDVD not burning it properly.