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i DVD consistantly burns discs 30-40 mins in audio starts going out of sync and gets worse.  I have read all the comments on here with no solids fixes, a few work arounds (to me there should not be a "work around") but either way none of them worked.  I cannot get a good burn with iDVD. Granted I do not understand bitrate, codecs, audio rates etc. but these products should be user friendly (camera to dvd, yeah right) I have a good .mov file which plays perfectly in iMovie (audio attached or detached,) iDVD preview, QT and a few other media players.  Have tried burning to dual layer discs or single layer using the highest quality to the lowest all with same results.  Also tried Toast but it took 3 days and still didn't finished, trying the lowest possible quality in toast now waiting to see how it turns out, already been a day.  What a waste of time.

Mac OS X (10.7.3)