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Good morning, I updated Leopard with Snow Leopard, everything was perfect, I have a problem with the photos, the program should download the photos from the camera to your computer is slow and does not work, what should I do?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • a brody Level 9 (65,726 points)

    Many cameras have digital media cards which are more compatible through USB readers than directly connected to the computer.  The advantage of using a reader, is that you don't waste valuable camera battery life.  It would help to know what camera you have.

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    Many thanks to my digital was a Nikon Coolpix year 2006 but also works great.......... I thought I had the same solution ... I suggest you buy a sim card reader? ok but why the leopard was fine directly from digital? thanks a lot!

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    Yes a SIM card reader that supports the same standard as your camera.    Leopard was the last operating system Apple had that supported PowerPC applications on PowerPC Macs.     Snow Leopard may work better if you install Rosetta.  Rosetta is gone with Lion, and you need to make sure that whatever application you have is coded for Universal code for the Mac.   Easier would just be to get a driverless SIM card reader.    Sans Disk makes quite a few models.  Check with them which works best with 10.5, 10.6, and 10.7 that supports your SIM card.  2006 was right when Apple started moving to Intel Macs, so the pre bundled software that came with your camera probably is not ready yet for full Universal support, but an update may be available from Nikon.

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    So you say that if I install Rosetta might work? how do I make sure the applications that I have the universal code for mac?

    when I installed Snow Leopard I have not formatted anything, I inserted the CD and Mac did a simple upgrade, this is correct?

    Where can I find Rosetta? is an official program mac? I can download from the Appstore?

    Should I? work?


    Really thank you very much, I'm really interested the mac world, I think they are the best .....

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    Explains how to manually install Rosetta.  Normally when you do a simple upgrade Rosetta should install automatically.  Though for whatever reason, it sounds like that didn't happen for you.

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    Rosetta is on the SL install disc as an optional installation.


    To check what versions of software you have, open the System Profiler;


     > About This Mac > More Info

    and go to the software section (down the left side) and select Applications. That will bring up a list of all applications on your Mac (takes a little while to load, so don't panic if nothing seems to be happening for a minute).

    One of the columns gives you the application type - Intel, Universal, PowerPC, (and just possibly Classic if you've migrated from 10.4)


    Intel - will run only on Intel processors

    Universal - will run on Intel or PPC processors

    PowerPC - will run only on PPC processers or under emulation in Rosetta

    Classic - won't run at all.

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    Hello! I just installed Rosetta but the problem has not gone away .... I read that the last security update mac annulled .... Rosetta is true?
    that's why I have not solved the problem?
    I left the player sim?

    If I had a camera I would not have more recent problems?






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    Luca, They patched the security update with version 1.1  Make sure you are installing that version and not version 1.0, which did anul Rosetta.

    There is an additional security update for 10.6 now that the Flashback trojan was discovered:

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    Thanks for the valuable information that I checked and I did not know .... but how do I fix my problem?

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    You appear to have posted simultaneously with a.brody;

    Read his post and try applying the revised security update.

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    ok but the latest update did not correct the problem, what do you say? Combro aSIM card reader?

    Many thanks to the skill and patience

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    sorry....i buy a Sim card reader?...

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    If you still can't download directly from the camera, it's certainly the next choice.


    As a matter of interest, does the camera icon appear on the desktop?

    Have you tried double clicking on that then simply dragging the photos to a folder on the Mac?


    If the software you're using is Nikon's, have you tried using the built-in Image Capture app?

  • a brody Level 9 (65,726 points)

    What Coolpix model number do you have?

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