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I'm drawing in wifi signal from the shipyard and want to broadcast(extend) it throughout the lower sections of a boat.
Currently I have 1 airport express drawing in the signal with ethernet connecting to the computer. However I want to extend the current network. Can I do this by buying another Airport Express and connecting through ethernet cable to the one I currently have. Would this work? What options would I need to select with the new AE(extend network, create network, etc)? Would this work with an airport extremeas well.

Any help much appreciated.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Theoretically this should work as you propose it. That is, configure the first 802.11n AirPort Express Base Station (AXn) as a wireless Ethernet Bridge. Apple calls this configuration a ProxySTA. Then connect a second AXn to the first by Ethernet. Configure the second AXn as a bridge. Finally connect a third AXn by wireless to the second and configure both of the for an extended network.

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    Are you saying I would need three AXn to create the extended network? or would it just work with 2?




    AXn(Recieving)-----Ethernetcable-----AXn extending network



    Will this not work?


    Sorry just want to know how much I'm in for and if it will work before i go out and spend it.


    Thanks for the reply



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    You basically have two options:


    AXn#1 (configured as a ProxySTA) > AXn#2, where ">" is an Ethernet connection and AXn#2 would be configured as a bridge, OR


    AXn#1 (configured as a ProxySTA) > AXn#2 >>> AXn#3, where ">" is an Ethernet connection, and ">>>" is a wireless one. The #2 & #3 AXns would be configured for an extended network.