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    Also Going through the same......what to do.....?????

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    GORDEN007 wrote:


    Also Going through the same......what to do.....?????

    Read the thread, many approaches have been tried and described here.

  • GORDEN007 Level 1 (10 points)

    Can you shed some more lights on the tools that are mentioned in this thread, how effective are they and their costs? I have got around 10000 mails in 56 folders and all are important to me so i want all of them to be transferred as it is to outlook 2011. Are the tools capable of moving the the folders as the are.


    I have started a new thread here: I am getting the solutions to use the tools, i am interested in them but i will need some more information to trust one.


    It will be really helpful if you addeed you opinion.


    Thank You

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    I would never use a program as poor as Outlook for any use at all ...


    Having said that.


    I have experience with Emailchemy only, it has always worked for me so I don't bother with other tools. It is neither simple nor free and it does require that you read and apply the methods from their manual.


    Study first, then export, I know of no magic bullet.

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    Sorry Csound but Emailchemy Didn't work for me. There are some bugs in this software and my laptops also slows down using this particular tool.


    Alternatively i found another tool mail exporter pro that i found pretty useful and worth the cost. Thanks for help anyways.

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    Thanks Sean548


    This works great and I agree with you TextWrangler rules.  Yes it takes some time to open each MBOX file, change the EOL to Mac(CR), save the file and then import but it is a lot less time than most people in this thread has spend looking for answers. 

    Way to go!!!  Great solution.

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    Dear CSound1,


    I have same problems with others but I am using mountain lion. I am about to give up using outlook 2011 due to importing problems.

    But I am really curious to your statement that Outlook is poor and not good. Is it really that bad ? Can you share with us ?


    Reading at your statement, now I really dont know what kind of mail software that is the best I can use for mountain lion ( my Mac is 10.8.4 ). I am using Apple Mail right now and constantly get frustrated because it has a ridicilous issue in file attachment, and it doesnt have OUTBOX folder that stays there, where we can see our undelivered mails like Entourage had. Therefore I wanted to switch to Outlook. I WISH I can switch to Entourage but there is no version for mountain lion. At least in my country there isnt.


    Meanwhile I tried to use Emailchemy and did covert the mailbox to .rge. It works but need to be imported one mailbox ( inbox,outbox,etc) at a time. So tiring. Converting to mbox ( with Emailchemy ) was not working at all. During import to Outlook I still can not sellect the mbox file.


    Can anybody suggest any OTHER mail software for mountain lion that is trustable, durable and easy to use ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    There are many mail clients, try them until you find one that you like.


    Entourage (the latest version) is 5 years out of date.


    As a Mac client Outlook is almost incompetent, no compatibility with iCloud on a Mac is a joke for a mail/contact/calendar client, it's like a bicycle with on wheels

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    Mail Passport Pro converts multiple format into outlook pst file


    give it a try

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    You can do this via iCloud -  In Apple Mail simply move your e-mails into your iCloud Inbox using the MOVE TO option. Once they are in your iCloud Inbox they can then also be viewed in Outlook 2011 - Outlook 2011 works with iCloud on my Macbook Pro (mid 2012) - Mountain Lion (10.8.5) computer.

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    I managed to import ALL of my client's mail from to Outlook 2011 flawlessly WITHOUT too much trouble. Follow the steps below as Apple has nestled folders within .mbox & your mail has a ~.elmx (proprietary) extension rather than .mbox (UNIX mail format). Whatever you naysayers say about Outlook, you have either never used the advance features nor have you been Windows long enough to know how it handles email just the way we like it so I would ignore anyone who tries to discourage anyone here going onto Outlook. Microsoft may 'dysfunctional' in their OS but they have full-featured softwares like Project, Publisher & Outlook that some people deem irreplicable so let's get on with the problem.


    Apple has hidden the Library folder in Lion & Mountain Lion OSX to prevent accidental access by newbies so you need to access it in Finder.


    1. Download the emlx converter to mbox app here. Run the app.
    2. Go to Finder, in the tab under Go, press ALT/Option to show Library folder, select it & go to Mail folder.
    3. Copy any ~.mbox files to a folder on your Desktop. You don't want to mess with the original file.
    4. Go to folder on your Desktop, click on INBOX.mbox, select your folder till it opens to show folders titled 2, 3, 4.....etc.
    5. Click on each of these folders till it shows files with .emlx.
    6. Select ALL & drag them to the EMLXConverter but don't start the conversion yet.
    7. Do this with each of the 2, 3, 4, 5 titled folders & add to the converter so that it would convert & place them into Outlook as one folder.
    8. Click Convert.
    9. In Outlook, select Import & choose 'Contacts & messages from a text file'
    10. Select 'Import messages from an MBOX-format text file.' Choose your converted file & you will have a folder entitled, 'Mbox' in your Outlook. Click on the folder, select all the messages & drag them to 'Inbox.'
    11. Do the same from item No. 4 onwards for your SENT.mbox to be converted & imported into Outlook.


    I spent hours looking for a solution using different search criteria until I found a conversation thread in a Microsoft Community & it was Garret Mickelson who posted it. I reckon I didn't need to register as I wouldn't be communicating there since I switched OS 6 years ago. I hope this would help solve all your frustration & let you use your favourite app after becoming a Mac user!


    I signed on to this community just to share this as I noticed so many people want to migrate to Outlook only to be put down by Mac fanboys, well, do not despair & if this works for you too, you would be thanking me by visiting my blog & following my journey. It would be great to get a comment or two on my posts too as I'd be outdoors chasing wildlife & such & have no time for forums. Have a great day!


    If I'm not here, I'm underwater...!


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    I tried everything else and even though this is still a little bit of a process, it worked great and flawlessly!!  Thank you sooo much, saved me a ton of time and was able to transfer all my clients' old mail.


    One note though.  After the import into Outlook, I thought there was something wrong since it wasn't showing the folder that was just imported.  You have to go into preferences of Outlook > General > Folder list > "Hide On My Computer folders" Uncheck this to see the imported folders.


    Also, I was moving around 60,000 items from an inbox.  The EMLXConverter did not like much more than 20,000 at a time.  And lastly, I just did a search on each numbered folder 0, 1, 2 etc. for "emlx" instead of having to go through each one individually.


    Thanks again pummkin!

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    You can also try mbox to pst software . Free download click http://mboxtopstconverter.weebly

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    Thanks for posting this.  Agree too many people on the forums want to put others down instead of just answering the question.  For me, I was willing and eager to switch from Windows XP to a Macbook and cannot believe how difficult the process has been.  I resigned myself to using Apple Contacts and Calendar when I realized you couldn't easily sync Contacts, Calendar, etc between iphone and Outlook using itunes like I used to.  I was willing to migrate everything from Outlook to Mail, but of course it is no easy straightforward (or free) task to move the outlook archive to Mail.  So I'm using Mail/Contact/Calendars as my default, but maintaining my mail archive in outlook.  Hoping someday everything plays nice together.  Maybe I'm being difficult for wanting to do it a certain way, but you'd think Apple would want to make it easy for someone to switch over.  Thanks for listening to my vent!

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