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Hi folks !


Notebooks affected by this troubleshoot:

  • Macbook Pro 15" 6,2 Mid 2010 (OS 10.7.3) with all Apple updates installed - 2,66Ghz Core i7 - Apple SSD 128GB
  • Macbook Pro 15" Late 2011 (OS 10.7.2) - 2,4Ghz Core i7 - standard specs


Troubleshoot :


At startup, Lion freezes before the user is able to type his login/password.


We see the login prompt interface of Lion, but can't even move mouse cursor.

Keyboard's inactive too because system is frozen.

So you must force a shutdown.

And it's a loop-freezes. You'll try several times to boot your laptop before it will succeed to open. (it's a 5-times boot to succeed - average)


I've tried several times: P-Ram reset, repair the permissions of Macintosh HD with latest Lion recovery & from an external boot too.

None of this has solved this issue.


I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw that issue. Have to boot 5 or 10 times his Macbook Pro to succeed a boot is not a normal use


Any Help ?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Am I the only one who'd seen this issue ?

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    This lovely little probelm just happened to me on my late 2011 15" MBP. Though I was able to boot right away in safe mode, and Verbose mode didn't show any obvious errors. I ran some automated maintenence via an app called Onyx and rebooted. The boot process took about 4 minutes (as opposed to the normal 25 seconds), but I was finally able to login normally.


    I'm not entirely sure what is causing this problem, though the last time I had any simillar boot issues was a few months ago which ended up being the result of dual booting a cracked copy of Windows 7 (the nature of the crack affects the way the computer boots). I have since been running OSX and a legit copy of Win7 without incident for about 2 months.

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    Hi Will !


    Thanks for the reply


    Yeah OnyX is the must have utility for Mac OS X !!!


    So you'd ran the "Maintenance" process with "repare permissions" or "Automation" then execute "Repare permissions" & "maintenance scripts" ? (i'd never used this last feature yet)


    The 2 macbooks where i've seen this issue were using official Lion & without a Windows OS.

    But with a cracked windows, you'd taken the risk to have a Macbook Pro with a big flu ! Ahah

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    You're welcome!


    I ran "Automation" and that seemed to solve the problem enough to allow me to successfully login to Lion. However, boot time is still abnormally slow.


    I may have to take my macbook into the Apple Store if I cannot solve the problem myself...

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    Ok, I think the 1st restart slows because the Automation may empty every caches like it do in the "Cleaning" tab.


    But it's only on the 1st restart !


    It seems that Apple got a truly big problem with laptops & Lion OS...


    Thanks for the help !

    Using "Safe Mode" boot & launch Onyx's "Maintenance" in "Automation" tab is a fine way to solve temporary the problem.

    For me, it never appared twice on same Macbook Pro but... should wait & see