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I installed some Steam games and BF3 onto my recently bootcamped iMac and the games tell me that my video card is inadequate. I flew over to CanYouRunIt? and everything checks out except for my "Dedicated Video Ram" which apparently I have 0.


I also can't get the right screen resolution for my 21.5" iMac. The maximum available resolution is 1440 x 1050 while my screen is 1920 x 1080.


My computer's specs are as follows:


3.60 GHz Intel Core i5


ATI Radeon HD 5670 512 MB Graphics Card


When looking through my System Info for my graphics, much of the information is "not available". My guess is the drivers are out of whack but even after updating those, nothing changes.

iMac, Windows 7, OS X to Windows 7 via Bootcamp
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    There are two posts today already about gpu drivers, anyone actually peek around the forums? even had an iMac



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    I was looking around and couldn't find anything relevant which is why I posted. But I obviously missed those. Thanks for the link.

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    Resolution, Graphics, and Audio issues have been resolved. Here's what I did:


    GRAPHICS SOLUTION (by ineidzcode)


    Uninstall Old Drivers using CCleaner

    1. Download CCleaner
    2. Shutdown ALL Catalyst Processes
      1. Right click on toolbar
      2. Click "Start Task Manager"
      3. Drag open the "Description Pane" to easily identify any Catalyst processes running
      4. Right click all Catalyst processes and click "End Process"
    3. Run CCleaner
      1. Select Tools
      2. Uninstall tab
      3. Uninstall "AMD Catalyst Installer Manager"
    4. Delete AMD/ATI Folders
      1. My Computer -> C: (windows install) -> Delete any AMD/ATI folders that relate to your display drivers...->Program Files (x86) -> Delete any AMD/ATI folders that relate to your display drivers
    5. Remove current drivers
      1. Control Panel -> Device Manager
      2. Open "Display Adapters"
      3. Right click on "AMD Radeon HD * (Your Card)
        1. windows did not recognize my graphics card at this point so follow the steps and select "Standard VGA Adapter"
      4. Click "Uninstall"




    Restart your computer


    Install Beta Catalyst Drivers

    1. Download Beta Drivers
    2. Open Download folder
    3. Double click "amd_catalyst_12.1_preview_windows_vista_7.exe  "
    4. Walk through install wizard


    Restart your computer


    When you boot into Windows your resolution should be the immediate change (from your previous setting to the monitor's native resolution. Mine was 1440x1050 and changed to 1920x1080.


    Try booting up a game and everything should be fine. The guide above was originally published by a SWTOR forum user "ineidzcode" (http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=105045).





    IF YOU'RE EXPERIENCING LOW FPS... (once again from ineidzcode)

    I didn't have to do this on my 2011 21.5" iMac.


    Download 1 (AMD Boot Camp Drivers)*:



    Download 2 (Newest Catalyst Release)*:



    *These downloads are for my setup.  Radeon HD 6770M on Windows 7 64 bit.  To find your downloads, visit here. First install is your setup using MAC Graphics as a system (Step 1) and Boot Camp as a product (Step 2) followed by your card specifics. Second download is your selection as if you were on a native PC with Windows.


    After you have downloaded the drivers you need, follow these instructions:


    Uninstall drivers Boot Camp installed

    1. Control Panel -> Device Manager
    2. Drop down "Display Adapters"
    3. Right click "AMD Radeon HD 6770M" (or your AMD card) and select "Uninstall".
    4. Restart


    Install Boot Camp Display Drivers

    1. Unzip your Boot Camp Display Drivers
    2. Control Panel -> Device Manager
    3. Drop down "Display Adapters"
    4. Right click "VGA Adapater" (adapter name may vary)
    5. Select "Update Driver Software"
    6. Select "Browse my computer for driver software"
    7. Navigate to your unzipped folder of the Boot Camp Display Drivers (my location was: Downloads\8.812-110104a-112011C-Apple.4-Win7Vista\8.812-110104a-112011C-Apple.4 -Win7Vista
    8. Make sure "Include subfolders" is checked and hit Next


    After Windows finishes the install, restart your computer (if it doesn't ask).


    Install Catalyst Mobility

    1. Simply install the "Catalyst Mobility Suite" (the latest drivers released from AMD, Download 2) and you should no longer get the error you were seeing before.





    I experienced zero audio output from my iMac's speakers with limited output using headphones.


    1. Insert the installer disc for Snow Leopard while in Windows
    2. Open the "Bootcamp" folder
    3. Open the "Drivers" folder
    4. Open the "Cirrus" folder
    5. Double click and install the "CirrusAudioVista64" driver (or what is applicable to your system)
    6. Restart your computer


    If these steps don't work, uninstall the current driver by going to your Device Manager in Control Panel.

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    I would have said to use Driver Sweeper. CCleaner I use for daily cleanup but it doesn't have the aggressive cleaning of gpu drivers that DS has.


    Thank You!

    (now if only people will use this as even bookmarking doesn't seem to get traffic, so maybe submit as User Tip and hope people look there?)