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    1) the 18 audios average 30 mins - one is an hour several are 15-18 mins long


    2) I have neer taken any screenshots on the ipod - no idea how one one even do that


    3) Yes, as soon as I figured out that I have an ipod 2 (even though googling the model brings up ipod 3 - thus the confusion), I understood I had my current iOS


    4) I stopped looking at the other posts long ago as there was no ongoing discussion - my point was merely that I am not the only one with this problem.


    5) I see what you are saying about the different bit rates, but athat does not explain why I was previously able to use 3+ GB more than now


    6) I do see that you are saying "...

    and it will clean up any left-over files that you've deleted but for some strange reason, haven't been removed from the count of how much storage space has been used. They should be listed under Other, but previously, you stated that this figure was very small."  Which is basically how I've been feeling - that neither itunes nor the ipod recognized the space I freed up.


    7) I have pertrified about doing a 'restore' since I don't know why it does not see the freed up space and am afraid it will continue to think it is full even after the restore - in which case I am left with a $250 useless piece of hardware. At least right now I can still listen to the music I have. I was hoping I'd find another solution to doing a restore, but so far it does not appear that way.


    8) 8 GB is plenty for my needs. I took off 3GB with the plan to swap some other things in (but was unable to to do so).


    9) I have not really controlled the bit rate. I have no idea how to do that. Beleive me, I have not need of anything fancy - 128 would be fine.

    - All the music I have in my itunes library was 'ripped' from the CD when I played it on windows Media player. Perhaps some was just copied from the 'My Music' into the itunes library by itunes when I first put itunes on this computer - I just let it do whatever it did - it is all fairly meaningless to me.

    - the audios I had to convert. I was shocked the first time I saw that an '.mp3' file would not play on the ipod as I think of th eipod as an '.mp3' player. so I have just downloaded free 'converters' from the internet and used whichever one I had to to get a file that would play on the ipod. Converting 3.3 GB of audios (the ones I took off but that were working) took quite a while.

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    I beleive I have mostly used Audioro ipod touch converter (or perhaps sometimes AVS Audio Converter - when the other does not work for some reason). The 'normal' mode I use in Audioro does not let you pick bit rate - just says high quality, basic, medium, etc - which is probalby how I ended up with a variety of bit rates for those things I converted myself - no idea why songs from CDs are all over the map.


    Perhaps you can tell me the best way to convert thigns when I need to to save as much space as possible.

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    lakeside339 wrote:


    - the audios I had to convert. I was shocked the first time I saw that an '.mp3' file would not play on the ipod ...

    Yes it will - or it should anyway.


    All iPods will play MP3 files. If a particular MP3 file will not play on your ipod, that suggests that there is something wrong with that MP3. Such as, it didn't download correctly, or the version is faulty at its source, or it's at a bit rate that isn't supported by iTunes/iPods. (In that case, once again, the source is at fault, because if the file has been ripped at a very, very high bit rate, or an incredibly low one, then there are likley to be problems on any MP3 player of any make.)


    So if you have a choice, download versions that use 128Kbps or thereabouts (the iPod can play MP3 files at rates of 8Kbps up to 320Kbps and can handle VBR {variable bit rates}).


    For your CDs, look in iTunes/Preferences/General>Import Settings and choose the settings for importing the CDs there. You can use either Import Using: AAC Encoder / Setting: High Quality (128Kbps) or Import Using: MP3 Encoder / Setting: Good Quality (128Kbps). All the other settings use automatic bit rate settings and will be higher than 128Kbps.


    There should be no need to convert an MP3 audio file before it will play on your iPod, except if you are converting to a lower bit rate in order to save space.

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    Unfortunately, I have no choice - these are audios uploaded to one place in one format from the company. So I need to get them into a form I can put on an ipod. that was the 3+ Gb I took off.

    CDs do not seem to be a problem.

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    lakeside339 wrote:


    Perhaps you can tell me the best way to convert thigns when I need to to save as much space as possible.

    When the iPod is connected to iTunes, look on the Device/Summary>Options and notice the tick-box that's named Convert higher bit rate songs to>128Kbps. I haven't tried it, so if you do you may have to then remove the old versions from the iPod, since it does create a new copy. You may find this involves more work than you feel you want to do.


    It's up to you of course, but if the company producing these MP3s believe they are making a file that can be played on an iPod, perhaps you should point out that they haven't got it right.

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