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The title says it all.  Thanks!

iPad, iOS 4.3
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    What do you mean by supported?  If you have it on your iPod you can continue to use it. If you need to restore you iPOd it is restored to the latest iOS with is 5.1.

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    I work on the website for a major retailer and we are trying to determing if we ought to continue support the website on iOS 4.3 (really on iPad but my apple forum option only had iPod, go figure). 


    I wanted to get some offical documenation or hear from an offical Apple representaive if Apple still supports this platform, since we (really I) don't want to spin my wheels supporting an old iOS version Apple no longer supports.


    Hope that makese sense.  Thanks!

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    Apple does not respond in these forums. We are just users like yourself.

    iOS 4.3 was the last update in iOS 4.x and there is now iOS 5.x. Based on past experience there will be no other iOS 4.x updates.

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    After a while I figured Apple wouldn't respond.


    Also, I pretty much understood that there wouldn't be any more updates to 4.x, but typically that doesn't mean a company would no longer support it.  Much like IE6; MS didn't release any more updates, but they still supported it up until last year (w/ extended support 2014).


    Do you know of any documentation on what iOS versions they support?

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    Just what do you mean by support? MS stoppd supprted/updating IE 6 many many years ago.  MS presently has extended support (free security updates and nothing else)  for XP but in about two years will end that.. Based on past practice, 4.3 is the last update in 4.x.

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    Support in the sense of issue resolution, not necessarly bug fixes which I think you are eluding too.

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    If your company - sorry, you, don't want to support an iPod with iOS 4.3, you could always direct them to these discussions. However,  Apple always suggest that users update to the latest version of iOS that's available, so why wouldn't someone do that and be done with iOS 4.3?


    There are several contributors here who could probably offer help and advice, even with iOS 4.3. Particularly as one of the most common problems is with the user, not the iPod. (Although, I'm slightly confused about your mention of the iPad. I don't understand, do you mean iOS 4.3 on an iPad? In which case, surely the same applies to that as to the iPod?)

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    Why can't you post in the iPad for Enterprise forum:


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    Thanks for your help guys!  I'll repost in those forums.