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So on my last thread, I said that my 3 month old iPad 2 button was very intermittent. Now, it has completely stopped working. I don't have access to an apple store until April 24-28. If I take my iPad 2 in that week, is it guaranteed that I get a "new" one right there and then on the spot? Since I don't live anywhere near an apple store, I can't just leave my iPad there and wait for a new one to be sent to me because I don't have a shipping address. So to make a long story short, do I get a replacement right there and then on the spot? Any experiences you guys have had? Thanks

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1
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    We are users. Apple is not here. Apple does not answer questions here. There are no guarantees that anything will happen as you want it to. If they have the correct model in stock, in all likelihood they may exchange it for you on your visit. Apple usually tries to help customers.


    Have you tried to recalibrate the Home button?


    Calibrate the home button

    1. Open a stock iOS app, such as Contacts

    2. Press & hold the sleep/wake button at the top of your device until the red slider control appears.

    3. Immediately release the sleep/wake button and press & hold the home button. Hold until the red slider disappears.

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    Thanks for the tip, but I have tried that countless of times; but it is not working. I'm just worried that when I get there, there won't be any replacements of my model there.

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    I would be prepared with alternatives. I would also call the store in question and speak to someone and try to make some arrangement for them to have an exchange for you, rather than leaving everything to chance.


    I would also try to arrange for an alternative shipping location for Apple to ship an iPad.