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Not receiving apple mail.  Checked connection Doctor.  Not connected to server, yet receiving gmail and yahoo mail.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    So... 3 accounts total?  We need more details here...

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    Not receiving email through apple mail.  Two accounts. pacbell.net account, and gmail.  Can get gmail from apple mail.  I can get pacbell mail from yahoo through Safari.  Does that make sense?

    Thanks for your interest.

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    No, I have a Mac and my email connects via our pacbell account we've had for years.  However, something in the Preferences/Accounts is not correct I am guessing.  Also, it asks for the password and if I put it in and click save through general or viewing, it's NOT saving it and still not allowing me to get email. My husband tried reading about this through our AT&T acct and said to change the incoming server to imap.mail.yahoo.com and outgoing smtp.mail.yahoo;kmaznic@pacbell.net, but now I can't receive or send any email on my Mac. In advanced not sure if it should be Port of 465 or 900 something or other and SSL checked or not.  I called AT&T and they want to take over my machine by charging $15/mos for a year to fix this.  Ridiculous. 


    So, everytime prior to yesterday, when my husband messed around with it, I was getting a POP needs password box, typed in my password, but to no avail..Then it Keychain password popped up and assumed it was the same, but there's no way to change or modify it even using the new password my husband set up through AT&T.  I am at a complete loss.



    I can access mail through yahoo mail and it takes me to AT&T Yahoo Mail, but no contacts are there so needless to say this is a pain.


    I appreciate any assistance you can give me so I can get back on my email as I have for 4 years.


    Thanks Hackintosh...I look forward to hearing from you....you can use the email above and it will come to me through my yahoo web page....Thanks again and let me know if you need any other information.  If you respond on here, I may not get the answer from you as I didn't know you responded until I came on discussions.  THanks

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    Me, too. but that isn't what I want it to do..it's a good back up but all my information is on my MAC email and needs to be fixed through accounts somehow...waiting for Hackintosh to help  Thanks.

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    I'm still not making 100% sense here


    So it seems, we have a gmail account AND a yahoo account, AND a pacbell account?


    I'm not sure really which one here needs to be configured on MacMail... but to get the right settings, this link is what even AppleCare uses to check the settings for standard accounts.




    Just enter the full email address you want to trouble-shoot into the textfield on that link, and keep hitting next to show you the settings that you need in the the mail preferences. 

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    Well... I just started having a problem with my three gmail accounts. No settings changed, not in the least. Mail on the evening of the 2nd just stopped working. All three accounts show as offline. The connection doctor says that it cannot connect to the Google IMAP server. Mail has access to the internet.


    I just tried deleting and re-adding one of the accounts. No luck. This is NOT a password issue. I can ping imap.gmail.com and smtp.gmail.com. But Mail still can't "talk"to them. WHY? Anyone have a clue??