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I'm looking for mounths to buy a brand new 30" Apple Cinema Display. I went to some Apple reseller/Apple Stores and each of them didn't really knew where I could buy it since it's discontinued. I can't believe there is no brand new 30" Apple Cinema Display lying around in some Apple Stores/Apple general center at Toronto or anywhere in USA.


I really want one of them, and I'm ready to make anything to get one (phone call etc). I would like to get some help of where I can call or where I can go to get what I want. The price doesn't really matter now.



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    It might still come up as an Apple Certified Refurb




    Dell still makes their equivalent display "Dell UltraSharp U3011" - Yes, it says "Dell" on the front, but it seems like a very nice display (and it has better connectivity options compared to Apple's old 30-incher).  I'm sure there are other brands that also still use that LCD size/resolution. 


    Whenever I saw the Apple 30-inch Cinema Display at Apple Stores, I never thought they looked especially great. When the 27-inch LED-backlit Apple Cinema Display first came out, I thought it looked much better sitting next to the old 30-inch CCFL-backlit Cinema Display.

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    Yeah, thing is that the Refirbished 30" display is always out of stock from about 2-3 mounths, thanks anyway for your help. I'll still lokking at it if one came up.


    And thanks for the Dell display, but I'm really looking for an Apple one here.


    Also, the 27" is glossy and I really don't want that, the 30" was perfectly what I need, sadly it's not available anymore.


    I guess I'll try to call at an Apple general center like at Toronto or something to get what I want. I'll tell you guys if I finally find one.


    Thanks for your help btw.