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How do I get my new 27" iMac to acknowledge the scanner in my Canon MP150 printer?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    It says Mountain Lion does not support the MP 150. Serious bummer.

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    For users who's printer/scanner does not have a compatible driver from their manufacturer:



    How do I scan with the driver from Apple Software Update?

    Depending on your printer and the type of driver update, you might need to scan in a different way than you did before you installed Mountain Lion.


    Scan from the Print & Scan window:


    1. Place the item that you want to scan on the scanner glass, or load it into the automatic document feeder (ADF) if your printer has one.
    2. Click the Apple menu (# ), and then click System Preferences .
    3. Click Print & Scan (# ).
    4. Click your printer in the left pane.
    5. Click the Scan tab, and then click Open Scanner .
    6. Click Show Details . The details of the scan display, including options to change scan settings.Figure 5: Show Details scanning screen# Image: Show Details scanning screen
    7. Change any settings as necessary, and then click Scan .

      NOTE:Make sure to select either the Flatbed mode or the Document Feedermode, depending on your printer and how you plan to scan.


    Hope this helps

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    Hi Radiation Mac,


    Thanks for trying! But when I go to the 'show Details' page it shows a dark gray page, and that is all. No action. The 'scan' button is also dark, and nothing happens when I press it.


    Any other ideas?

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    I know this doesn't "fix" the Mac OS but if you need or want your scanner to actually work, try VueScan.


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    I looked at that, and it seems it would work. But it costs $ 30, same as Mountain Lion. To use ssomething I have already paid for. 


    So I have to keep one computer down on Snow Leopard, or install Virtual box and run SL or Windows.


    That is progress ...

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    I agree, it's a shame that Apple has regressed, barely better quality control than Microsoft in its last couple of OSs.

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    I am not sure I would go quite that far. Mountain Lion seems slicker and can do more than Leopard, without the confusion  used to have upgrading from one variety of Windows to another. However this is a bummer. I had a similar problem years ago with a HP printer, an ancient one by the time I upgraded to Windows 4.3. However there was a freeware driver for it. Maybe I should just wait, and scan with my Windows XP machine until someone writes an upgraded Canon driver. Canon won't, so they are off the list for the next printer.


    Deep sigh.


    The MP Navigator now says that PowerPc applications are no longer supported. Whatever that may be.

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    Ugh, As of this post 2/16/13 Mountain Lion still doesn't support scanning of this printer.  Amazingly VueScan works like a charm, but I really don't want to pay $40 for connectivity that should be built into the OS.

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    I had to bite the bullet and got a new HP printer, although I miss the Canon, its scanner was better and the printer easier to get to print black and white. Well, my daughter was happy to get it!

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    I've found a solution to this problem:

    1. Open Preview App
    2. Under File menu there should be an option to Import from Canon MP150
    3. Just press Scan!


    If you need more option, you can click on Show Details button. There's a caveat though, at least in my experience, the Scan button is greyed out on the Show Details window, so you need to go back to the previous window by pressing the Hide Details and then press Scan.


    Hope this helps!