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Okay, i know this has been asked a lot but nothing has solved my problem.


My friend use his account on my iPhone and downloaded a few apps for me.  but since a lot of apps update a lot, i got annoyed having to bug my friend to do it for me.


So i download/purchased the app on MY own account.  But every time an update shows up, it still show his.  My iTunes shows that its my account.


I have already...

Signed off --> sign back in

Signed off --> forced restart --> sign back in

delete app --> redownload


Im out of ideas and i cant find anything.  Its just annoying having to delete app and reinstall it, i completely beat a game, waiting for the next update for more levels, and since i removed and deleted, it deleted all of it, had to start over... Also dont want to be downloading tomtom(1.7GB) every time a new update comes...


anyone can hep me?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Did you also delete the app purchased on his Apple ID from iTunes, and then redownload it using your Apple ID?  If not, you may be syncing the version tied to his ID back to your phone when you sync.  I would try deleting the app from both your phone and from iTunes, then redownload it as a past purchase in iTunes, being sure that you are signed in with your Apple ID, and sync it back to your phone.

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    I checked all the iTunes app, all are registered in my name.  Settings --> app store is in my Apple ID as well, Apple Store Apple ID is my Apple ID as well.  This happens to basically ALL my apps, even ones that i purchased recently.  Whats also weird is my iPad will sometimes update it...


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    That's a mystery...I would then try contacting iTunes store support and see if they can sort it out:

    http://www.apple.com/emea/support/itunes/contact.html.  Apps registered to your ID should not be requesting authentication with someone else's when updating; perhaps they can remedy this.

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    submitted, awaiting reply.


    yeah, iPad updated an app just fine(not on update list), iPhone doesnt want to update it with my account.

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    Good luck.