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Okay, i know this has been asked a lot but nothing has solved my problem.


My friend use his account on my iPhone and downloaded a few apps for me.  but since a lot of apps update a lot, i got annoyed having to bug my friend to do it for me.


So i download/purchased the app on MY own account.  But every time an update shows up, it still show his.  My iTunes shows that its my account.


I have already...

Signed off --> sign back in

Signed off --> forced restart --> sign back in

delete app --> redownload


Im out of ideas and i cant find anything.  Its just annoying having to delete app and reinstall it, i completely beat a game, waiting for the next update for more levels, and since i removed and deleted, it deleted all of it, had to start over... Also dont want to be downloading tomtom(1.7GB) every time a new update comes...


anyone can hep me?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1