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I am trying to extend my home network. I recently tried to use Netgear Powerline adapters with an Airport Express running in bridge mode. Main router is Airport Extreme. Powerline adapters worked great, Airport Express could connect to router no problem, but when connecting wirelessly to the Express, computer could not get an IP. Plugging compute directly in to the Powerline worked greated. Did some reading here, and found out that some Powerline adapters won't work.


Hoping people who have successfully done this can share which model Powerline adapter they are using.



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    A quick reply to my own post, now that I have successfully gotten this working. First off, the model that did NOT work is the Netgear XAV1501. I returned that and purchased the Zyxel PLA-407. I had never heard of that brand, but setup was easy, and everything 'just worked'. Been using the Zyxel Powerline adapters for about 1 week, and no problems at all. Glad to have the extra wifi coverage. And I love how my devices seemless switch from my primary Airport Extreme to the Airport Express as needed.