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Hi, I did install the entire discs into my main harddrive, leaving my boot SSD hard-drive with just 3 gb left!!  so I had to "UNINSTALL" <-- common Apple, you are so amazing machine "better than pc´s" and cant have an easy way to uninstall such a big program?  I needed to search the web for a while, and found several instructions, I choosed the one you offer, and its pathetic, how I have to go and find files one by one to delete! and still when everything is deleted (yes even from the Trash, and try to reinstall, it still say "upgrade" on some, and "skip" on others... so they are still installed somewhere!


Beside this, I do encounter another problem!... DISK SPACE!!!!!!, after selecting everything I Have to install on main hard drive, it gives me 26.89gb! thats hard on a SSD! and leaves me without enough to work! I do have redirected all posible folder into another HD, but still 26.89gb have to be installed on main hd.


As we can see on the screenshots, in a Jam Pack folder you got Instruments and Apple Loops.. the loops are the one you can change the location of where to install, but the Instruments.. only installs on main HD and they are bigger!..



Apple should come with a downloadable installer that gives you the possibility to choose to put "EVERYTHING" but the main software (the apps) into an external HD (keeping it under 6-7gb!), aswell as an uninstaller to easily remove all files that were installed in the first time.



Please let me know If its possible already, thanks..



Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    There seems like you have a space issue more than anything, it would be helpfull to understand your problem if you provide the information about your mac, hard drive size, mac version ( 10.5.8, 10.7.3 etc) and the system to be able to assess the problem and give a more accurate opinion on what you should do to fix this.