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My iTunes has no internet connection whatsoever. It is the only program I have with this problem and I have tried a ton of stuff so it is getting frustrating . I am on Windows 7 with iTunes 10.6. My symptoms are iTunes cannot do anything, no store, no iPhone update server, signing in/out doesn't appear to do anything, authorizing/deauthorizing computer doesn't appear to be working, check for updates doesn't work, GIANT MESS.


So i have tried:

- Proxy settings are the way they should be

- iTunes diagnostics tells me sucre link to iTunes store failed but the help button does nothing because iTunes has no internet to look up the solution LOL

- Reinstalling

- Reauthorizing (not sure if anything happened at all)

- Turning off firewalls/antivirus

- Lightly tossing computer over a cliff (satisfying but not helpful)


Does anyone have a similar issue or a solution/idea for me?

HP Pavilion Laptop, Windows 7