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I have got a very strange problem with iCal on my iPad 2 Wi-Fi. When selecting March 2013 it instantly crashes iCal, after which I am returned to the springboard. When relaunching iCal it starts with either February 2013 or April 2013 selected. The crashing does not occur in 2012 or 2014, so March 2013 is the only occurance of the crashing found so far.


What have I tried to do to solve the problem:

  • Restart iPad.
  • Force Quit iCal and all other applications.
  • Restart iPad again.


Problem still occured.


  • Disable Calendar syncing from my Google Account.


Problem was gone, iCal was completely empty and working fine.


  • Enable Calendar syncing, but uncheck all calendars in iCal resulting in empty calendar rendered on screen.


Problem still gone.


  • Enabling a single calendar.


Crashing occured again.


My conclusion was that one of my appointments in Google Calendar must contain something that was making iCal crash. However, of the 5 calendars I am syncing with the iPad none of them could be shown without iCal crashing in March 2013. Even public calendars I am subscribed to like official holidays make iCal crash. If something is indeed wrong with an appointment, I would have expected to be able to display the other 4 calendars without problems.


I am syncing the exact same calendars with my iPhone 4 and my iMac, and on both devices no crashing occurs.


Is there anything I can do to extract some more information from my iPad to find out exactly why iCal is crashing?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1
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