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  • KennethLavrsen Level 1 (0 points)

    It is naive to think that Apple do not read a forum that they own.


    Of course they do. They have a huge marketing department that had a huge interest in knowing what is going on. This is not a privately owned forum. This forum is owned and run by Apple. Domain is


    Apple want us to believe that they don't read the forums. They want us to report bugs in a non-public place. They want to avoid the bad publicity it gives when 1000s of users complain.


    I have read this thread from the start and it has been confirmed that Apple knows about the problem and that many have already reported it as feedback. I have only negative experience from the times I have tried to report bugs as feedback. Public rage works much better.

  • christensendenmark Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Apple,


    Same problem here. Come on Apple it getting a little embarrassing for you guys. Please find a solution/fix for this not so little problem and also please recognise all these supportive users, that spend time on your supportsite to post this problem and how they tried in vain to fix it them selves. It's really time to step up on this one. You are big boys, you should have done this a long time ago.



    M. Christensen


  • jamesrtkay Level 1 (0 points)

    Happening to me too. As march 2013 is getting close I am surprised this still has not been addressed!


    Apple, if you want diagnostics please do not hesitate to get in touch - I can reproduce this at will.

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    I got it too. On both iPads at home but not on the iphone5.


    My fix is to un-tick the US  and UK Holidays calendars and then it seems to work. Found by trial and error un-ticking all the calendars first, then go to March and tick each calender one by one until it crashes.


    Good luck.


    Not good enough Apple.

  • Fr Tom Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here, On brand-new iPad.

  • jurap Level 1 (0 points)

    The same problem here as well on iPad4 with he latest iOS - March can only be displayed in month view if all the calendars (google calendars, shared calendars etc.) are disabled... We miss you Steve..

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    Apple support tell me that the problem is known, their engineers are working on it and the temporary solution is to deselect the uk holiday calendar, and by implication any other calendar where events on April 1st are all day, and to change any all day events on April 1st on your own calendars to say 0100 to 2300.

    It occurs that people might have several day events stretching over 31st March and 1st April which might also need amending.

    Conspiracy paranoids might think the original programmer thought, ahah it's April Fools Day in 2013, but I guess it's more likely to be an unintended consequence of the 31st not having enough hours for a 24 hr all day event.

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    So this is the Apple experience that Steve Job's wanted us to enjoy.  I have been with Apple since the IIE and bought most of their products over that time, except the Lisa. The whole Apple experience in particular time and date has become a joke with little effort made to resolve the issues. We are customers and our supplier frankly could not give a **** about us. Apple has become arrogant and needs to reflect upon the dark days it came through as it is not inconceivable that it will join the ranks of HP, Nokia and Blackberry.

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    The point has been well made: it's no longer about calendar glitches, it's about customer relations. Apple's have become atrociously bad and I agree that this is driving away customers. Wake up call,guys!!!

  • SoerenL Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem on the new iPad. And March 2013 is approaching...

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    Is it possible that the World's largest company can only deliver the goodies when the Boss was alive?  It' inconceivable that the mindset in Cupertino was vested in just one man, but he delivered and the replacements aren't.

    This problem is resolvable, but for some reason the new generation at Apple have failed to grasp that customers make you what you are, not the size of the balance sheet. Enough people have complained about this for long enough and are still complaining.

    My business was on the cusp of migrating to Apple because we all love the iPhone and iPad....we have Mac Books too, but my business sense tells me that if things like this can't be resolved then the Apple bubble may be about to burst. So, no Apple migration for us (yet).

    The loss of March in our Calendars is pathetic. That it has not been fixed in over a year of being reported here is even more pathetic. Empires need protecting, Apple would do well to understand that.

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    This self-fix works for me!

    I checked out a number of other forums and some of the suggested fixes were mind-glowingly complex, however, for me the simplest, and which seems to have worked, is to delete any 'All Day' appointments for 1 April. 

    Others have suggested that anything which includes 1 April as an all day activity, including multi-day events, e.g 30 Mar - 2 Apr has the same effect. This seems to work.

    Why haven't Apple fixed this?

    Share price sentiment (down 30% from the high) suggests analysts are not happy with Apple either.....beware the Tesco effect, your customers are important and are all you've got.

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    Deleting all-day events on 1 April does indeed work, but if you're subscribed to another calendar (in my instance, a work calendar) where you don't have write/delete access, and there's an all-day event on 1 April - well, you're stuffed. No March for me, then.

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    I Have found a temporary solution also like CASTRO1.. Go to your calendars and uncheck UK HOLIDAYS. now go back to March  2013. It should appear. It has somthing to do with Easter and April 1st. Apple should release a fix for this bug as it should not happen.. Good luck all and post if it works for you!

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    I know that deleting UK holidays will solve the problem. This is an unsatisfactory solution, though, if you want to see UK holidays on your calandar as I do. This the reason I added them.

    The point is that the product does not work satisfactorily and Apple seems to be making no effort to fix it.

    They are obviously happy to release sub-standard products which are not fit for purpose.

    Iphones are no longer market leaders, the iPad mini has not been particularly successful and there does appear to be any exciting new devopments in the pipeline.

    It's no surprise that their share price is dropping.