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    I also have this problem. it seems that an all day event on 1st april will cause the crash. delete all day events on april fools day and you can read march 2013 again

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    I think we all need to stop just informing each other that we each have the same problem that was the origin of this thread some pages 12 pages ago and each repeating the same unsatisfactory work around solution and the same winge at apple. If no one has anything new to say on the matter then I suggest it might be best not to post anything but if someone does have anything new to say then I am sure we would all appreciate it being posted.

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    On the contrary, we should encourage people to keep posting, so that we get a true picture of how many people this problem affects.

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    On the contrary, we should encourage people to keep posting, so that we get a true picture of how many people this problem affects.


    I agree.


    I have the same issue.

    One of my contacts birthday is on April 1 - which causes the crash. Really annoying.

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    My iPad is linked with Facebook and some idiot has their birthday on the 1st April, also I have an all day meeting scheduled by my boss on that day. I am not prepared to unlink FB and loose all my data and I am not going to delete a meeting with the boss.

    So, with this in mind, and with all the other calendar and time issues (snooze delay etc) my recommendation to my senior executives is to go with the MS Surface rather that iPads. It's a multi million dollar order so it's tough sh1t now. I can't tell you how close it was but my final stab at apple, if they read these threads, is a loss of a huge contract, not that they need to add a puny few million to their bulging billions but hey, what do I know I'm only an annoying customer.


    Good discovery and kudos to who sussed out the 1-Apr issue BTW.

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    This thread is about the problem of March Crashing on ipads when all day events exist on 1st April and is not about Apple not doing what they should be doing. Since I rasied the point a few weeks and 12 pages ago everyone has simply repeated that they have the same problem and that the only solution is to delete all day events on 1st April. This thread should now end until someone comes up with some new technical information. If you wish to complain about Apple open an appropriate thread and you will have my support on this point.

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    I take Clives point about unnecessary repeats, except reading through 12 pages of thread is not something busy people do.

    The problem affects ipads 1, 2 and 3 and is quite serious because even a subscription to a holiday ical will blank out march because 1st april is easter monday (it also happens to be my birthday so all my family were affected)

    Apple obviously think that the problem will go away once march 2013 is over but they are about to face millions of angry customers who are starting to fill march with appointments and suddenly find they can't.

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    The problem affects the iPad 4, too.

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    For everyone who hasn't read all 12 pages of user comment on this issue, please do the following:

    Go to the Apple website, find the relevant feedback page, and leave your feedback, which will go direct to Apple. Or, if you have support, call the support number, get hold of a senior technician and ask them to report this directly to an engineer.

    As several users have commented, Apple does not read these user forums, so complaining about it here will not resolve the issue. Moreover, the threats of thousands of customers revolting over this issue will go unnoticed unless you either call or email Apple directly. While you are at it, you may wish to enlighten Apple as to the level of customer frustration evident on these user forums, of which they may be unaware as (I repeat) they do not read them.

    These forums are just for background chat amongst users, nothing else.

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    How do you KNOW that Apple does not read these forums?


    Are you in reality from Apple trying to get us to be silent? Or are you just tricked into believing this?


    This forum belongs to Apple. It is an server. It is paid for by Apple.


    Naturally they read the forum! It is incredibly naive to believe that the marketing and quality departments in Apple that count hundreds of employees do not read their own forums. They spend millions on customer surveys and marketing research every year. Naturally they datamine their own forums.


    So does the press. When 10000s of customers have the same bug, it becomes news. It becomes bad publicity. Just like the map scandal that Apple staff helped by naive users tried to keep us silent about. I personally experienced to have forum posts deleted by Apple staff when I argued that I wanted a proper maps app back. They don't want the public to know they have severe quality problems. They want us to write private none-public support posts because noone can see them.


    Naturally they read the forum. And especially a forum thread that grows and grows like this one has already come to their attention.


    With the 30% drop in stock value in just a few months I do not understand that Apple risk another scandal on a software bug which is trivial to fix.

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    The questions I would like to ask you are as follows:

    Are you the one from Apple trying to make us all think we are going mad?

    Is it you trying to scare us into being silent ?

    Is Steve Jobs really alive and working for Microsoft ?

    Are our Ipads really crashing when we try to view March or is it a figmnent of our imaginations?

    Is the world going to end on 1st April ?

    And that is just for starters

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    This problem effects everyone using iCal on any iPad and looking at the month of March.


    Apple could care less because the problem will disappear miraculously and all by itself on April 1st or 2nd.


    I suggest all the people with pent-up anger-energy forget the forum, go to their national IT media and give 'em the word.

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    Actually @kaykrum it does not go away.


    Try 2019


    This is an ongoing issue every 6--8 years until the software is fixed.  While one might reasonably expect there to have been a new release of iCal by then, and most iPads to be seriously legacy by then, the general problem will persist until the underlying bug is actually addressed

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