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Hi All,


New Mac user so here goes


Have a new 2011 Mac Mini i7 AMD gfx.



TV goes black and then static-y and then nothing.


  • If I turn the TV off, wait and turn on again then I get a picture.
  • It also does this with a monitor I plugged it into at work via HDMI.
  • It appears to go out of sync with the video output source after a few hours if the Mac goes into screensaver or standby.


I had a similar issue with an HP AMD powered laptop (but with sound going out of sync and distorted instead), and was wondering if the AMD gfx chips are a bit picky or if this is an HDMI cable quality thing.


Has anybody experianced this issue of black screen then digital static and no output?


Ideas or fixes please?





Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 2011 i& AMD
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    Sadly as nobody has been able to provide any answers as yet, the only solution I have is to turn off the TV, wait and turn it back on again.


    One thing that does come to mind is another question: do all HDTV manufacturers follow the base spec of HDMI implementation or are they 'broadly' doing their own thing?


    Just seems strange that here is a well spec'd machine and a simple interface, but yet the mac responds almost identically when resuming the power output to the screen from standby..