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When I try to export the movie I get this error code. Im doing a music video and have put days into it and now I can not get it to export! My other small project export with no problem.

iMovie '08, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You need more free space on your hard drive.

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    I have 46.8 GB free. The video is only 4min.

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    After phone support from apple I ended up creating a new project and adding all 117 clips back in individually till I found out what clips flagged and would not allow me to export. I had 3 I deleted and replaced and everything works now 1hr after tedious work....

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    Great feedback - that will help many with this dreaded Error -50. Every small step to solve this is very very welcome.


    Thanx - Bengt W

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    I think I'm having the same problem and will have to rebuild ... but how do you know which clips are flagged and need to be removed? Thanks in advance!

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    I took ten clips at a time and tried to export the movie in each increment. Once it would not export i narrowed down the track from there.

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    Thanks for the details.  We have a similar problem (see my post below) and are in the process of adding back each clip and then testing for export.  My question is, once iMovie is unable to export the project, does it render the file "bad" and prevent exporting even if you remove the "poisned" clip(s)?



    Hello,  We are having a similar problem running iMovie '09.  We get the exact same error as you reported. 


    "Unable to prepare project for publishing" The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occurred (-50)


    We have a very similar situation were we have multiple repeated clips.  However, our clips are 2.4 's.  Like you, we took the finished project and started eliminating edits that we thought might be preventing it from exporting. The following actions still would not allow the project to export:

    • removing title pages
    • removing transitions
    • removing imported music from iTunes
    • removed another clip from another event
    • closed all other programs
    • closed iMovie, powered off computer, opened iMovie, tried to export
    • reconfirmed the last project exported would still export - it did without issue
      • The only difference between the project that will export and the one that does not are these short (2.4's) repeating clips


    When we create the new project from the recorded event without making any edits (just as recorded), it exports without issue.  We have started the arduous task of adding back in each edit and testing it for export until we determine which edit is causing it to "not export".  This is a very inefficient way of troubleshooting.


    This is a science project for my son and we need to be able to save it as a QT or mpeg4 movie so that he can submit it to his teacher for viewing and a grade!


    Any ideas from any other users would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think i find out the problem about the error -50. I marked every clip delete it and try if i can export the film without the deletfile. Than i found out wich clip it was. It was a 2 second clip but one that i already used 5 clips before in the project but only a part of it. So i think you cant use more than a cut out of one clip to one project.

    If that helped let me know it



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    Charming. Nothing like being told it is "normal" to have to add back 117 clips to a movie to figure out which one is bad. And WHY is Apple still allowed to sell this piece of junk ??? Why are they not providing FIXES for this !!! I see others saying short clips can cause it ... My whole video is short clips and I get the same error. Pointless to try to change it as it will not look as I want it to look.


    Does anyone recommend some non-Apple not super expensive video editing software that WORKS ??

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    I have a 5min project with still images and short video pieces. I've had problems throughout re exporting. The ONLY time I got imovie 11 to export was after importing the images, but before applying video edit (Heatwave, Glow and Bleach) and Ken Burns.


    I removed Ken Burns from the still shots (just selected 'fit') and it still doesn't work. The images look great with the video effects and I really don't want to take them off.