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My 2.5 year old Apple wireless keyboard was just replaced under Applecare.  I quickly paired it with my 2010 iMac running the latest Lion OS and was off and running.  When I tried to pair it for my Bootcamp partition running Windows XP pro, it failed.  It generates a passcode and asks me to input it but there is no place to type in the corresponding numbers.  Sometimes it says no passcode and sometimes it says passcode enabled and connected, but it is not.  When I go back to check, only my wireless mouse is paired and I have to discover the new keyboard again.  I have tried each of the passcode and no passcode options with the same frustrating results.



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    after booting into Windows, is toggle the mouse and keyboard power off and on. After about 3 or 4 seconds, Windows finally "sees" the input devices and everything works fine. It is a pain, I know.






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    I understand this need and that is how it has always worked.  I upgraded to Lion 2 weeks ago and both the keyboard and mouse worked just fine.  The keyboard died and I had to replace it, and while the mouse remained paired since it was never unpaired, the keyboard will not pair.  The Bluetooth control app "sees" the new keyboard but will not allow me to enter a passkey.


    I have wondered if there is an issue with Lion, but the old keyboard was fine for the frist 2 weeks of Lion use.  Do I need to download anything new to be able to pair a wireless keyboard with Bootcamp using Lion?

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    the statement from the first link is as always....


    "... First use Software Update to check for any "


    And you might want to use BCA again to download Apple drivers if it was back in very early Lion 10.7.0/10.7.1


    There was another article on just what drivers are in BC 4.01 and Apple Bluetooth was listed


    I had a bookmark to Windows which said to do the unpair/repair BT from OS X side and then return to Windows, but I didn't find it.

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    My upgrade to Lion was only 3 weeks ago and thus was the latest version, 10.7.3.  Last night, I went back into BCA and downloaded the install disk image to then apply it to my already installed Windows XP Pro partition.  I immediately got the message that it would only work with Wondows 7.  At this point, that is not an option, so I am back to square 1.

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    New information.  I spoke with an Apple tech this morning.  Yes, Lion only will install Bootcamp to use with Windows 7, but he says my original drivers that would let the wireless keyboard work as  it used to, should still be where they were applied when I first installed Windows XP under Snow Leopard.  The catch is that Apple can't help with this.  I will need to get help from Microsoft to figure out how to pair the Apple wireless keyboard with Wondows XP.

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    When you are in Windows, insert your OS X DVD and run Apple Setup.exe or BOOTCAMP64.msi (have to drop down through folders Apple - Drivers - to get to 64-bit folder


    Can't, won't, sometimes a cover for "dont' know" whatever. It isn't rocket science to pop OS X DVD in.

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    Thanks, I will give it a try.  I have both the Snow Leopard Disk and the Lion 10.7.3 install image I created on a flash drive.  I assume I should try the Snow Leopard one first since we know those drivers work.

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    No luck.  I found the drivers on the Snow Leopard OS disk and installed all that had anything to do with keyboards and or Bluetooth.  I did no try the Lion drivers since those are the ones that started the issue.