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My wife has a new iPad 2.  The only emails that she recieves on her iPad 2 are from people who are in her contacts.  If a new (non-spam) email is sent to her it shows up in the junk folder of the home iMac but not her iPad.


Not sure if they show up on her iPhone 3G (IOS 5).  -- I'll post later about that.


I have checked the "rules" and there isn't a filter set.


Anyone else have this issue?


Also, during a test we sent an email from her iCloud email addres to herself.  It showed up on the iPad.  (As it woujld as she is in her own contacts) but when I read it it disappeared from the iMac.

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1
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    This just in....


    The emails do not show up in her iPhone 3gs either (running IOS 5).


    SO it appears somehting about IOS 5 is leeping her from receiving emails that are from strangers.  Is there a simple setting adjustment that I am missing? 


    Checked the ultraweb and found nothing.

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    Belated update:  I turned off emailing on the iMac and this "solved" it.   I;m sure it has somethign to do with iCloud being trned on on her iPad but not the iMac -- no Lion yet.  I will be updating to MountainLion when that comes out and I hoe all will be fine then.