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I have reviewed several support threads on the subject of a 2008 Mac Pro not waking up after it goes to sleep.  I have a 2008 mac pro that was working flawlessly with a 26 inch asus monitor.  My bluetooth mouse and keyboard would wake it up instantly.  I decided to add a second monitor, a 27 inch planar. 

I had the mac set up to save power and after just five minutes of non-use it would go to sleep.  My wife asked me if I would keep it on longer so she could watch the pictures that show up through the screen saver so I set it to 15 minutes and then it goes to sleep.  Now though, if it goes to sleep it won't wake up and remote connections from an imac fail to awaken it as well.  I am forced to hold down the power button to shut it down.  I have tried the startup where I hold down command option p r but I can't get it to sound a second chime whether I start after the first chime or before the gray screen appears.  After trying this every other restart does not work, the fans turn on but nothing else happens.  It is quite odd.  I am at my witts end.  I suppose the proper course of action is to disconnect the second monitor and see if it wakes up, but I am hoping before I do that that someone might weigh in on the issue and solve it.  I guess I should also try a usb keyboard as well.  Thanks in advance for reading this and I hope you can help me out with this.  John

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 16GB/3TB