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i have tried this recently and i have wondered if i have all the requiered cords for my ibook. Help!

iBook G4 and Older Studio Display
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (33,135 points)

    An iBook G4 has a VGA port, correct?


    And your Studio Display probably has an ADC connector.


    I don't think you can go from VGA to ADC with conversion cables (you can go from ADC to VGA).  I did find this discontinued product that performed the VGA to ADC conversion (but it's more than just a cable).




    Also, I believe the iBook's video output was for mirroring the built-in LCD only (unless you used a "hack" to enable extended desktop mode).  So if the built-in display has 1024x768 resolution max, your VGA output will not go higher.