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I've created my first 5.1 FCPX project and would like to play on an Apple TV2 as well as a Windows 7 HTPC running Windows Media Center.  I've been trolling this and FCPX discussions and still having much difficulty.  I've exported Quicktime movie using ProRes 422, opened in Compressor 4 and verified that file has six channel audio.  I seletect target, HD for Apple Devices, Device Apple TV HD and select include 5.1 sound. 

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 8.58.36 PM.png

Here is the summary for output:


Name: HD for Apple Devices (10 Mbps)

Description: Compatible with Apple TV (2G), iPad, and iPhone/iPod touch with Retina Display

File Extension: m4v

Estimated size: 117.7 MB

Device: Apple TV HD

Frame sync rate: Automatic

Video Encoder

          Width and Height: Automatic

                    Selected: 960 x 720

          Pixel aspect ratio: HD (960x720)

          Crop: None

          Padding: None

          Frame rate: (100% of source)

                    Selected: 29.97

          Frame Controls: Automatically selected: Off

          Codec Type: H.264

          Multi-pass: On, frame reorder: On

          Pixel depth: 24

          Spatial quality: 50

          Min. Spatial quality: 50

          Temporal quality: 50

          Min. temporal quality: 50

          Average data rate: 5 (Mbps)

          Maximum data rate: 14 (Mbps)

Audio Encoder

          Sample Rate: 48.000kHz

          Channels: 2

          Bits Per Sample: 16

          AAC encoder quality: high

          Data rate: 128 Kbps

Include Dolby 5.1 Audio track


Compatible with Mac, PC, iPad, Apple TV (1st gen.), Apple TV (2nd gen.) and iPhone 4,


Resulting m4v file only has 2 channels as seen in get file info and when playing on the ATV2 and HTCP.


What am I missing here?