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I am having trouble installing Lion on a partitioned hard drive


I have three internal HD's   The first I am running the system on 10.6.8 (which is up to date) , the second I do most of my work on  and the third I have partitioned into two and I am trying to install Lion on one of the patitions.


But Lion has decided it will only go on the first HD.


Lion story.png

Above is the one I want to put it on, but it's not available and I can't change the partition scheme.  None of the things the directions state are usable??


What might I be doing wrong?




Dan Page

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    Find a drive to do a clean install and then you can


    Use Setup Assistant

    Clone the system (and Lion Recovery) where you want


    This article is for single drives and boot camp partition but same applies



    Lion needs to find free space for the recovery partition so try shrinking the volume you intended to use.

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    Thanks for your come back, most appreciated.


    I went through the proedure outlined in the article, but I am still unable to install Lion on anyhing but the start up drive.


    Is there anything else that I can try?




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    Make a Lion DVD as mentioned on several sites or on a flash memory card.


    You can install Lion wherever you like but it is always best to start off with a bare drive initialized with the OS.


    And it cannot be part of an array.


    Also, this way you have a clean Lion OS you can clone for backup and then use Setup Assistant to import your files, and ready to go - leave the OLD OS as backup incase Lion and your software/hardware has an issue - a month or if you need/want to dual boot or something. ie, you need Lion for your iPod etc and iOS but do your work on SL.

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    Thanks again for a rapid responce.


    I finally got lion on one partition and my daily "SilverKeeper" backup on the other.


    Since the only thing I had on the two partition Hard drive  was  the back up and since the backup would get put on tonight any way I changed the drive to no partitions.  This gave me the ability to choose the GUID option, which I did and then I installed two partitions and successfuly istalled Lion on one of them.  I even tied Lion into the iCloud successfuly.


    But I am not out of the woods yet!  I brought My brand new iPad to lunch and was informed that my iPad was synced to my Lion at home and I was on the cloud.  That blew my mind, I was impressed.


    I then read  the Daily news with out problem, however, when I shut down my iPad, that was all she wrote.  I can not get the iPad back on.  The best I could do was see the revolving gear start and then freeze.  It's on charge now and I can not even get rid of the frozen gear.


    Not sure this all has anything to do with the  recent installation on my main computer, but it's mighty suspicious.


    Need some help!!