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I have been able to sync my iphone with itunes with no problems, but I have never been able to access my phone through windows explorer to download photos. This problem is on my desktop computer (windows 7 pro 64-bit). I have connected my phone to my wife's laptop (windows 7 home premium 32-bit), and I have no problem accessing my photos, so I assume it is not the phone or the cable.


I have tried many things with no success, including using a different usb port, uninstalling/reinstalling itunes, all to no avail.


In device manager, I have tried uninstalling my iphone under portable devices, and apple mobile device usb driver (checking the box to delete the driver software). After scanning for hardware changes (or disconnecting reconnecting iphone), iphone shows up with a yellow triangle and exclamation point, and windows tells me that the driver installation failed. When I update the driver and point to the usbaapl64.inf file, it says it is successful, and then apple mobile device usb driver shows up under usb controllers again, but then windows reports the iphone driver failed to install (the error says the style of the INF was different than what was expected). If I try to update the driver for the iphone, and point to the usbaapl64.inf file, it tells me that "the folder does not contain a compatible software driver. If the folder contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with windows for x64-based systems."


The driver it wants to install is MTP USB Device, but if I let it attempt to install that one, I just get the "style of the INF is different than what was expected" error again. I have tried stopping and starting the Apple mobile device service as well. I really have no idea what else to try.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

iPhone 4S, Windows 7
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    do you not get this box come up when you plug your 4S into your PC?

    i click the top one and download my photos and videos.i am using windows 7 34bit and 64bit on my PC.

    auto play options box.JPG

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    No, the box never popped up. Windows was never able to install the proper driver.

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    Need help please!!!

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    have you downloaded the latest verion of itunes 10.6.1 ? this is the 64bit version.

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    Yes the version I have installed (and have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times), is (64-bit version). Installation has always been successful with no errors. And as I stated, syncing with iTunes is working fine as well. The problem is accessing the photos through windows explorer. Please any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    i know you said this above,but try this...this way.if that dont help i'm stumped like you.and sorry i couldnt help more,hope a more experienced user can go further with your problem.

    1. Plug phone in

    2. Go to Device manager >Unversal Serial Bus Con>DELETE Apple Mobile USB driver

    3. Uninstall Itunes completely( Dont repair )

    4. Unplug Phone and Reinstall ITunes

    5. Plug Phone back in and it should show up!

    or try this.....

    Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

    On a Windows PC the easiest way to get pictures from your iPhone is to just use Windows Explorer, but there’s two ways to go about this:

    • Plugin your iPhone to the computer without iTunes running
    • Wait for a popup asking you what you want to do with the device
    • Select “View Content”
    • Find your photos through the folders that are displayed
    • Copy in Windows as usual

    If your iPhone is already plugged into your PC, you can try this method:

    • Plugin your iPhone to your PC
    • Open “My Computer”
    • Find your iPhone, it will appear as any other camera would
    • Open iPhone to find your Photos
    • Select the pictures you want to copy to your computer and copy/paste them into the desired location on your PC
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    I was pretty sure this was the order I did it before, but just to make sure, I tried this today. I get the same error that the device driver was not installed when I plug in my iphone.


    Any other suggestions? Anyone?

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    Please! Any suggestions?

  • mchurchm Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Argh! I still can't get my pictures!

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    Having a similar problem.  I was able to download my photos from my iphone to my Windows 7 machine at work as recently as last week.  Today I plugged in, got the Autoplay box, but no matter whether I chose "Import pictures and videos," "Open device to view files," or just browse to the phone, it can't find any photos; the DCIM folder reports 0 bytes, and no other folders are visible.  There are 198 photos visible on the camera, so they haven't been deleted.  I can wait until I get to my Mac and get them through that (hopefully), but it should work in Windows, too, especially since it worked before.

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    I am having the exact same problem and have spent 2 days uninstalling and reinstalling, etc, etc.  mchurchm, have you had any luck?  I'm trying to read every post relating to this problem in hopes that I might just find something.  Would like to hear your feedback.



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    I found a solution but I doubt you will like it. After trying everything else with no success, I reinstalled windows, and it is working properly now.

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    Ensure your iPhone is unlocked before plugging into your computer. This way I could navigate from the DCIM folder to my photos. Annoys me as I always forget to do this! Without unlocking first nothing appears in the DCIM folder.

    Hope this is a simple solution to your problem.

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    wow, I've had the phone for years, and didn't know that! thanks iSheeds

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