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I have now two different AppleID (one for my child IPod (A) and One for my IPhone/IPad (B) )

I would like to change AppleID for B stuff because it was registered on my work's email address and this email address will be discarded (I will change my Job!)


If I change the Apple ID (B) wath will be the impact on installed applications?


Is is better to have only one AppleID for A and B (I would like to keep control on downloading from my child) or is it better to have one AppleID for each device?




iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, IPAD3 and IPod Touch
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    You are going to need a new ID anyway since you are losing the work ID so it is always better to have one Apple ID if you want to share purchased content on your iDevices. If you don't use one ID - you cannot share downloaded purchases. You can control what goes on your child's iPod with one ID. You do not have to use automatic downloads - which I would recommend in this case anyway.


    As far as losing the work ID - you can keep the apps - if its OK with your boss - but unless he/she will continue to let you use that ID to udate the apps - you will be out of luck. If you lose the email address/Apple ID when you leave the job, you can still use the apps but at some point when the apps are updated to work with an iOS update, they will be useless to you.


    Apps are always tied to the ID that was used to purchase them. You cannot transfer apps - or any other purchased content from one ID to another ID.

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    Thank-you for clarification.


    So I will change Apple ID for device attached to my profesionnal email ((B) devices IPad and IPhone).


    Can I change (B) AppleID to the AppleID attached to the IPod (my personnal email address) ?.


    When the synchonization will be established (same AppleID for all device).

    Does I have the possibility to select witch Apps will be loaded on each device or all device will get all Apps? (No need to transfer profesionnal Apps to the IPod nor All games from the IPod to my IPhone!)


    Thank-you for your help

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    Yes, you can use the same Apple ID on the iPad that you are using on the iPod. That is the ID that you created personally so it makes sense to use that one. You do not want to have two ID's - and in this case I mean two personal ID's - if you want to share content. When you share an ID on iDevices - that is what allows you to download apps on each device without having to pay for them again. If you live in the US, you can download virtually all content again for free except for some movies, audio books and Extra features content with movies in iTunes.


    So that you can control what downloads to your child's iPod - make sure that you do not turn on automatic downloads. Settings>Store>Automatic Downloads>Off for apps, books and music. If you want the child to have something that you downloaded, you can always download it again on the iPod or if you sync with iTunes - just sync it to the iPod when needed to transfer the content.


    Yes you can absolutely choose what you want to sync to all iDevices and iTunes will remember the sync configuration the next time. I do not use auto sync at all. I always initiate the sync on my iDevices when I am ready to sync. On a PC - launch iTunes and go to Edit>Preferences>Devices and there is a box at the bottom - prevent iPods, iPhones, iPads from automatically syncing. Check that box, click on OK and quit iTunes.


    Connect your iDevice to your computer, launch iTunes and then click on the iDevice name on the left side under the devices heading. Then you can go into each tab in the iTunes window on the right and select the exact content that you want to put on each device. After you make your selections, click on Sync or Apply in the lower right corner of the iTunes window. That will lock in that sync configuration on the device and iTunes remembers that each time that you sync.


    If you want to continue to auto sync, go back and turn it back on by using the steps that I described above.


    Here are three articles that talk about syncing with iTunes that will be helpful for you to read. The user guide is also included as a bookmark in the Safari browser and I included a link to the PDF version of the manual.







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    Many thanks, I will test that

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    You are quite welcome. I sync three different iDevices to one iTunes library and have a total of five iDevices using one Apple ID. It is totally doable.


    Good luck!

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    Hello again,

    Sorry to borrow you with this but apparently I'm not allowed to change my (B) AppleID to another that is already used (A)! I get following message

    "Email address is already verified for another Apple ID."

    Do I have to change both AppleID to a new ones (and create a new email address!)?

    Or is it a way to pass through?


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    Ok, forget that, Ihave just to change in my devices and completely forget my (B) AppleID stored in Apple DB!


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    Hello Alen

    -one more information regarding your issue today

    -you don't have to give away and forget about the AppleID account  because your work email is associated to it

    -Actually there is something you can do just to get rid of your work email and use another one that has never been associated with an appleid



    A- go on "appleid.apple.com"

    B- click on "Manage your account" then enter your (appleid) work email and the password

    manage account.jpg


    C- once you are there Click on edit to the right hand side of the primary email


    Reset and Manage your Apple iD.png

    And that's that, you will go for another email account associated to the same appleid and you will still have acess to all the purchased made with your work email.

    there you go!!!

    good luck



    Reference: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1689


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    I never recommend this because the apps do not belong to the OP. They belong to his company. He did not purchase the apps, the company did.

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    Hello Demo,

    All Idevice are mine, all installed application too.  I made the mistake to use my profesionnal email as AppleID simply because I use my Ipad/Iphone for my job and I never think at the beginning that was something that we cannot change.  I don't understand why Apple decide to use email address as a fixed ID used as primary key for a database!