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Craig Owyang Level 1 (0 points)

When I open a document, a Document Warning opens and says I'm missing the file "cloth_pattern_d.jpg."  I am presuming the document is looking for this .jpg, but I don't know where it is doing it.  How can I find where the document is looking for the file so that I can delete it?

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 (34,577 points)

    Excuse me if I sound stupid, but what document?



  • Craig Owyang Level 1 (0 points)

    A Pages document.

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 (34,577 points)

    Would you like A answer?



  • Craig Owyang Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, please, I would like an answer.  Maybe I don't understand your question ... what do you mean by "but what document?"

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 (34,577 points)

    The one that none of us can see and it would be nice if you could describe.


    Is it a template? If so which one?


    Give us something to go on.


    Do you know what "cloth_pattern_d.jpg." looks like, so you could possibly look for it in the document?


    Have you searched for it on your hard drive?



  • Craig Owyang Level 1 (0 points)

    Mr. Breis,


    There is no need for your sarcasm.  Your question regarding what document was ambiguous.  My answer to your question was correct, although maybe not specific.  Then again, you didn't specify what you were asking for.  You finally did so in the last message.


    No, it is not a template.  It is a Pages document that one of my associates created.


    I am not looking for the jpg, but, rather the place in the Pages document where it was likely referenced.  It could have been referenced by accident or is a legacy from a prior document that was subsequently used for the current report.  At this point, I would like to delete the reference to the jpg so it won't come up in the Document Warnings when I open the file.


    No, I haven't searched for the jpg ... I don't need it.


    So, to my original question, how can I find the reference to the jpg so I can delete it.

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 (34,577 points)

    Sorry if I was being non specific!


    I was only pretending to not be a mind reader, we are in reality all highly trained paranormals here.


    Like all paranormals the less you tell us the more we can help.


    You spoiled it by finally telling us what you were actually after.


    You can dismiss the alert or find a substitute to replace the file in the alert. Using something you recognise as a substitute is a good way to locate the problem file. The missing image may actually be in a captured page and not visible until you use one of the sections or layouts, or it may even be off the page to the side or on a hidden page.



  • Craig Isbell Level 1 (5 points)

    Actually Peter, you're being a bit of a jerk. You could have given your last answer above without being a dag! I fully understood Mr. Owyang's first question as you just addressed it, without the need to harass. He simply had a referenced file within a document and wanted to know options to locate and remove it. No need to be confrontational.

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 (34,577 points)



    It is exhausting to have to drag information out of posters.


    What are they referring to? Is it a template? Which template? What version of Pages? What OS? Have they updated? Have they done anything suggested in the previous posts? Is it not obvious that we can't see what they are looking at?


    The answer depends on all the above and anything else the poster can tell us (if it weren't too much bother).


    Often the question has little to do with the problem, giving at least some details clarifies that.


    They are nearly all of the calibre of "Mum, where are my shoes?".


    In this case most posters are actually talking about an image in a certain template which is traceable. It took C.O. 8 posts to grudgingly tell us it was another document from a 3rd party.


    I have patience for the old, the non-tech, the none too bright. Laziness and an off handed "you work it out" begs for a similar response.


    But apparently the bare effort put into the question isn't good enough for the answer.



  • Craig Isbell Level 1 (5 points)

    I understand your point, but I'm still having a hard time determining how this is Mr. Owyang's fault.


    1. You don't know him, or his "user level" status. Nowhere does he state this.


    2. You appear to be very active and answer a lot of questions in this forum so it's safe to assume you know something about which you speak. YOU as an advanced user should ASSUME the person writing is a novice until they tell you otherwise if they don't mention it in their original post. I know, I teach people myself.


    3. You say it took him eight posts, grudgingly, yet, you could have cut the converstion short in your first reply by simply stating what you needed to answer his question. Some people, don't know about Mr. Owyang in this case, don't know HOW to ask the question. To assume everyone is just an idiot or too lazy to ask the question right is foolish and equally as lazy. This isn't a peeing contest. If you feel the question is lazy from the start, you don't have to weigh in and answer. Your bad!


    Based on #2 above, and your activity on this forum, why don't you have boiler plate copy that you can easily cut and paste every time you don't get the info you want. Something like... "Hi [name], could you tell us a litte more information about your setup/situaton? (e.g., are you working with a pages document or pages template?) What version of the software are you using? (If you don't know, you can find out from selecting "About Pages" under the Pages menu in the upper left corner next to the Apple menu.) Do you know if any other documents are imported into your document where any files might be nested, etc.? (e.g. a PDF imported into your pages document). Have you searched for any missing images on your hard drive or do you no longer have the file requested? blah blah blah...


    The point I'm making, your first reply "Excuse me if I sound stupid, but what document?" was interpreted BY ME as a little arrogant and possilby confrontational. Mr. Owyang wasn't the only one or I wouldn't have weighed in on this conversation. If I hadn't seen your point score and your name all over these forums to know how active you were, I would have just assumed your were a forum troll writing smart *** comments to peoples' legit questions. You didn't help your own cause with "what" document. Of course it's a Pages document since it's the Pages forum. Document linking is going to be handled the same way between templates and a pages document so it's kinda moot. You could have handled this issue a little bit better, commensorate with your forum user experience.


    Could he have asked the question better? Maybe, just don't know the man or his capable knowledge. Did he turn to you and others for help? That's the ONLY question that needs to be answered. And answered without judgement, unless he's a complete a-hole.


    If people's questions, no matter how they're worded, are bothering you, then maybe you should log off and rest for a while before it gets to personal for you. Remember, I'm a third party independent here and I read your comments the same way Mr. Owyang did.

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 (34,577 points)

    Maybe it is the brotherhood of the Craig that is making you post and I certainly understand what you are saying because I can put myself in your position. Now here's a novel thought, how about you put yourself in our position?


    What you fail to understand is that this forum is a two way deal. We are not getting paid to help people. It would save a heck of a lot of time if people met us at least half way.


    In response to "…what document?" I got "A document".


    True Craig Owyang is not alone in his egocentric view of the world. ie "I know, …not telling. You guess." I've just gone through a string of them today.


    Boiler plates do not help when people ignore questions. Which should you help yourself, (you are free to do so) you will soon discover. They certainly don't help with people who will write at length why I should work harder, but they shouldn't. It's their entitlement to have everyone else wait on them.


    Irregardless I maintain a separate blog with detailed answers to common problems. Because I can think my way into what others need.


    Yvan gets irritated by all the people who never RTFM. I forgive them that because Apple doesn't install it with the software, which it should, and it isn't all that great.


    I do take umbrage at the countless posters who make no effort whatsoever in either their question or their responses. Or make their way here to ask a question that I then have to google for them. I am left wondering, why?


    Is it so hard to realise that psychics are unlikely to be manning software forums. They are far too busy, and well paid, solving 20 year old murder mysteries?




    btw I am not even really a Pages user, so this is all really for the posters' benefit.

  • Craig Isbell Level 1 (5 points)

    Again, I understand your position more than you think I don't know, but you are NOT obligated to answer anyone in this forum unless you're an apple employee or the forum modertator, which I'm pretty sure you are not. That's not intended to be a slight on you, only pointing out the obvious, that patience and respect, no matter what the cirucmstances, is a virtue. If not for your own sanity.


    I'm a 26 year user of Apple tech. I started using Macs in college in 1986 on a Mac 512K. In 26 years, I've tranined, answered questions and moderated forums for all levels of stupid. For 15 of those years, I had to manage my mother's Windows PC until purchased her a new Mac after I couldn't take the stupidity any more. I've seen and been asked questions that would make you blush with how stupid they were, but I've never attacked anyone for asking the question. The truth is, there are NO stupid questions, if you don't know the answer.


    Trust me. I get it. I'm sure for many on this forum, yours and many others solutions are very respected and appreciated. I can understand it's frustrating when it seems you're not getting the information you need to answer the question, but you have to accept it's completly voluntary and you're dealing with all levels of experience. I'm only enlightening you (and anyone else with the same attitude) that there's no reason to be jaded. Don't like the question or the response, move on.


    I'm a high level functioning user and even I can't find the answer via a google search sometimes. The reason I come to a forum is because it's highly focused on what I'm looking to solve with a shared user experience.


    It took you three replies to finally tell him what YOU needed. My initial reading of Mr. O's first reply was he assumed you already knew he was dealing with a Pages document type since he's in the Pages forum. His second reponse, as I interpreted it, was he thought you were being candid in your repsonse. It almost reads like you're teasing him...I know the answer. Would you like me to answer your question...


    The simple fact that you pre-assumed the poster's intent and didn't answer Mr. Owyang's original question with a few simple boilerplate questions, which will be common for almost EVERY reply you make, until your third post is what resulted in this exchange going longer than it needed to be. The fact is, almost every program that has existed on the Mac has handled document linking in the same manner. It's not hard to have a boiler plate answer which I can cut-and-paste into a forum to ask for more info or answer anyone's questions, reducing the amount of time I need to answer the question and move on,


    I have no idea if Mr. Owyang is lazy, a jerk or not. But it doesn't matter. He asked a nebulous question that needed an answer, respectfully. Anything less makes him angry and/or ambivilent, and you stressed out for a job you're not getting paid to do, most likely.


    Have a good day Peter.

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 (34,577 points)

    Craig Isbell wrote:


    Again, I understand your position more than you think I don't know, but you are NOT obligated to answer anyone in this forum unless you're an apple employee or the forum modertator, which I'm pretty sure you are not.


    Craig Owyang is not particularly "lazy or a jerk", maybe I should simply go "Next", with eyeroll, after a sequence of "Guess!" posts. Trouble is there is no eyeroll amongst Apple's emoticons, nor are we allowed to swear here, not even allowed to mention H€ll which happens to be a major German printing-imaging company.


    Apple kindly lets us say arse because it is outside the known universe of Northern California.


    There are no Apple employees on this forum. Partly the reason Apple can make the massive profits it does.


    We understand each other perfectly, just have two different views about unending saintliness.



  • radionewbie Level 1 (0 points)

    I would like to disable _all_ document warnings from Pages. It makes me think I'm on a PC when I open any Pages doc and have "warning" jump out. For the work I do, I don't need an automatic document warning. Does anybody know how to disable it? Thanks to all.

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