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Recently i made a thriller trailer with my ipad 2 on imovie. I had all the scenes ready and when i pressed just "play" the trailer played just perfect on the small upper screen. But when i exit the edit menu and i play the trailer it asks me to OPTIMIZE the movie. I have to do that if i want to export the trailer to camera roll. So when i do optimize,  the trailer loses a lot of quick scenes (all of the 0,2 sec scenes and more) and the hole trailer loses its purpose. What can i do about that? Why the trailes plays just fine if i dont optimize?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G
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    How does it play when you send it to the camera roll?

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    I don exactly understand your question... It plays just fine with perfect quality but it has lost some frames(scenes) that most of them last about 0,2 seconds.. But everything works perfect generally! Ecept from the frame skipping..i read that optimizing takes a lot of processing power and that may cause frame drop.. Is that it?

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    NinoOaoe wrote:

    i read that optimizing takes a lot of processing power and that may cause frame drop.. Is that it?

    No frames are dropped by rendering or optimising.

    If you don't render or optimise, then iMovie may skip frames when playing; this is non-destructive and just because the device cannot stream all the data fast enough.

    It plays just fine with perfect quality but it has lost some frames(scenes) that most of them last about 0,2 seconds.

    I don't understand your terminology.

    Here is the standard use of terms in video:


    Frames are single parts of a video (in NTSC there are 30 frames a second).

    A Clip is a single peice of action, that is between two cuts.

    A scene is a whole section of a clip, and can have lots of cuts.


    So I am wondering what you are missing?

    Are you missing single frames; is the video pausing and jumping in time?

    Are you missing whole sections of video, jumping whole clips?

    Or are single clips missing?


    I was asking if you had exported to the camera roll?

    I would advise you export to camera roll, and watch the video from the photos app.

    This will show the final video quality.

    If there are bits missing then it is certainly a software bug that needs Apple to hear about it.

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    Ok i am very sorry about my terminology! You are very helpful! So,let me explain better! I have exported the video to the camera roll and played it there many times. What happens is that,when you create a trailer (ex. Scary trailer) its almost ready ,you just have to record the clips(piece of actions that last from 0,2 to 4 seconds). There are a lot of those clips that i have to put in the trailer so that it is finished! The trailer last about 1,02 minutes. What happens to me is that when i play the final trailer insite the edit mode (without going to the projects pages and optimize or share) it plays just perfect. But when i go out, and try to export to camera roll,or upload to youtube,or whatever i do,when i play the trailer,some clips(3 clips in the beggining,one in the middle and one in the end) are not even shown! Music plays normaly but black screen opis shown instead of those clips that i had recorded.even inside the camera roll. So what i say is that when i optimize or export or upload,i lose some clips from the scary trailer. I hope i was clear,thank you for your time!

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    This does sound like a bug in iMovie.

    You had better tell Apple about it:


    No one here can help if it is a bug in the software.

    One last thing, have you tried to restart iMovie, or you iOS device since you got iMovie?

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    Of course i have restarted many times. But i searched on youtube for other scary trailers from i movie and i saw that they dont have that bug..every clip is played normally.. Ok thank you very much for your time, i've already sent a feedback!

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    I'll have a play with my son tomorrow and see if we encounter any problems.


    Another thing that can somtimes fix issues is export/import project.

    Go to the main menu, then export the project to iTunes,

    Now rename the project (so you know which is which)

    Then immediatly import the project again.

    Don't plug in to iTunes, you can just re-import it straight away.


    This will make a duplicate project.

    For some odd reason this sometimes fixes projects that have a quirk.


    So open the 'new' project and try to export it.

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    I have exactly the same problem with the scary template.


    I tried everything but whenever I try to export the movie it misses the last scene. It plays the audio and the video normally flows but the screen is black.


    I tried exporting with every possibile setting, even tried exporting the project from the ipad and import it on the iphone, same result. I wanted to import it into iMove for Mac but I discovered that for some misterious reason this can't be done.


    I can't figure out how to solve this annoying issue, if anyone has got any solution would be much appreciated.

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    DjCashn i wanted to try the project on mac pc too. I wil try when i find  a mac.if you create a new project on mac with the same videos from scary trailer maybe you can do something.

    What i did was to report the problem to apple. Like always they did nothing else than show me a link that may help me and they told me that they would pay me back the price of imovie. Whatever.. Its a pity that only scary trailer doesnt work..because the other trailers work perfect for me.

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    Yeah I know reporting to Apple it's totally useless.


    What is strange that it seems to be a rare issue since you're the only one I found having the same problem after a lot of searching.


    By the way don't even try using iMovie for Mac since I found out that for some unexplainable reason there is NO WAY to import a iOs trailer (with .imovietrailer extension) into iMove Mac version.


    I will keep trying and post it here if I come up with a solution, please do the same.

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    DjCash wrote:

    Yeah I know reporting to Apple it's totally useless.

    Contrary to trolls or people who are wound up believe, Apple does listen.

    If you tell them about an issue they will fix it.

    This is a legitimate bug so they will get around to fixing it.

    Just be polite and state your case.

    It might take a while as they are much larger then most app developers.

    By the way don't even try using iMovie for Mac since I found out that for some unexplainable reason there is NO WAY to import a iOs trailer (with .imovietrailer extension) into iMove Mac version.

    Trailers are very new, so they are not supported by iMovie Mac yet.

    It took about 6 months for iMovie Mac to be able to import normal iMovie iOS projects, so again just wait and it may come.


    I can see your frustration, but stay calm and this will be resolved eventually.

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    I also tried opening a new trailer, filling the last scene only (the one after the credits) with a video recorded on the fly, and still after exporting it gives black screen.

    I tested this on both devices (iPhone 4 and iPad 2)


    Honestly I don't know what else to try...

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    I didn't mean to be unpolite or something, I just read from this very discussion board that Apple hardly listen to users from this pages. (Proposing a refund instead of a solution is not an answer). Anyway I really hope they do as you say.

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    It's O.K, Im just saying that they do fix things, and they do reply.

    i have had good feedback and response from Apple myself, and seen many fixes in my time.


    It's true that many pepple in these forums say nothing happens, you will mostly find people with problems come to help forums.

    And sadly many are here to just complain or to troll and bad mouth Apple.

    Not to mention that many want a fix immediatly, and that cannot happen within a corporation as large as Apple.


    That's not to say Apple is immune to making mistakes, and we should keep on them when a problem happens.


    As for refunds, Apple does give refunds if the app does not do what it was made to do.

    So if you bought iMovie for the scary trailer, and you want to make one now, then yeah you have every right to ask for a refund.


    In this way I have found Apple balanced and good to deal with.

    I have logged the scary trailer error myself, so hopefully with a few complaints the team will get on to it.

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