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1) How can I save/keep/transfer all Messages and Notes when I put my SIM card into a new iPhone? 

    I have done that but only some of the Messages and Notes are there on new phone.

2)  Also/or:  are all Messages and Notes saved on my Mac whenever I Sync / Update it? 

     And if so, WHERE on my computer do I find them? 

*  The Apple site says to be sure to Sync phone "to keep all data" (of course) but I want to make sure that includes        ALL Notes and Messages and know where to find them on my computer to truly save and access them. 

*  I have a 4S and the newer 4S with Siri.  I am going to give the 4S to a daughter and keep the 4S with Siri.


3) Will the Genius Bar people help me with this if I can't myself, or do I need to go to AT&T (gag)?


I need simplest of explanations and steps to follow, please!

Many thank yous,


iPhone 4S
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