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I've been transferring my library over slowly from iphoto over the last few weeks and sorting out a proper workflow. It's all been working fine when as of this evening whenever I try to open a photo in full screen (via the main menu or pressing 'F') the application crashes?!




How can I fix it?


Any help gratefully received!



Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,715 points)

    Post the first 50 lines or so of the crash report. The text please not a screen shot.

  • Skinnydf Level 1 (5 points)

    Good luck with that!!


    Thanks for even giving it a look.



    Process:         Aperture [752]

    Path:            /Applications/Aperture.app/Contents/MacOS/Aperture

    Identifier:      com.apple.Aperture

    Version:         3.2.3 (3.2.3)

    Build Info:      Aperture-203040000000000~3

    Code Type:       X86-64 (Native)

    Parent Process:  launchd [151]



    Date/Time:       2012-04-12 21:09:25.372 +0100

    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.7.3 (11D50b)

    Report Version:  9



    Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread



    Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)

    Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x00007fff5f3ffd30



    VM Regions Near 0x7fff5f3ffd30:

        MALLOC_LARGE           0000000211a1d000-000000021221d000 [ 8192K] rw-/rwx SM=PRV 

    --> STACK GUARD            00007fff5bc00000-00007fff5f400000 [ 56.0M] ---/rwx SM=NUL  stack guard for thread 0

        Stack                  00007fff5f400000-00007fff5fc00000 [ 8192K] rw-/rwx SM=COW  thread 0



    Application Specific Information:

    objc[752]: garbage collection is OFF



    Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread

    0   com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff85849610 -[NSConcreteGlyphGenerator generateGlyphsForGlyphStorage:desiredNumberOfCharacters:glyphIndex:characterInd ex:] + 20

    1   com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff8585d535 -[NSLayoutManager(NSPrivate) _fillGlyphHoleForCharacterRange:startGlyphIndex:desiredNumberOfCharacters:] + 594

    2   com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff8585d260 _NSFastFillAllGlyphHolesForGlyphRange + 425

    3   com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff8585ce87 _NSFastFillAllLayoutHolesUpToEndOfContainerForGlyphIndex + 477

    4   com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff8585cbb6 -[NSLayoutManager textContainerForGlyphAtIndex:effectiveRange:] + 223

    5   com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff8585c99a -[NSLayoutManager glyphRangeForTextContainer:] + 304

    6   com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff859b5dd8 -[NSTextView sizeToFit] + 115

    7   com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010017f2a6 0x100000000 + 1569446

    8   com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010017ee34 0x100000000 + 1568308

    9   com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010017b162 0x100000000 + 1552738

    10  com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010012c3fb 0x100000000 + 1229819

    11  com.apple.Aperture                      0x0000000100129b99 0x100000000 + 1219481

    12  com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010017d7e7 0x100000000 + 1562599

    13  com.apple.Foundation                    0x00007fff8b8b2d32 __-[NSNotificationCenter addObserver:selector:name:object:]_block_invoke_1 + 47

    14  com.apple.CoreFoundation                0x00007fff839b9aaa _CFXNotificationPost + 2634

    15  com.apple.Foundation                    0x00007fff8b89efe7 -[NSNotificationCenter postNotificationName:object:userInfo:] + 65

    16  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff858d0f03 -[NSView _postFrameChangeNotification] + 260

    17  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff857f4a35 -[NSView setFrameSize:] + 1114

    18  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff858d1027 -[NSControl setFrameSize:] + 83

    19  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff858d1096 -[NSTextField setFrameSize:] + 105

    20  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff857f424b -[NSView setFrame:] + 268

    21  com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010017a5dc 0x100000000 + 1549788

    22  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff857f424b -[NSView setFrame:] + 268

    23  com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010017a70e 0x100000000 + 1550094

    24  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff858d0754 -[NSView resizeWithOldSuperviewSize:] + 1324

    25  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff858d01ad -[NSView resizeSubviewsWithOldSize:] + 200

    26  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff857f4996 -[NSView setFrameSize:] + 955

    27  com.apple.Aperture                      0x00000001001295aa 0x100000000 + 1217962

    28  com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010012c877 0x100000000 + 1230967

    29  com.apple.Aperture                      0x0000000100129b99 0x100000000 + 1219481

    30  com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010017d7e7 0x100000000 + 1562599

    31  com.apple.Foundation                    0x00007fff8b8b2d32 __-[NSNotificationCenter addObserver:selector:name:object:]_block_invoke_1 + 47

    32  com.apple.CoreFoundation                0x00007fff839b9aaa _CFXNotificationPost + 2634

    33  com.apple.Foundation                    0x00007fff8b89efe7 -[NSNotificationCenter postNotificationName:object:userInfo:] + 65

    34  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff858d0f03 -[NSView _postFrameChangeNotification] + 260

    35  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff857f4a35 -[NSView setFrameSize:] + 1114

    36  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff858d1027 -[NSControl setFrameSize:] + 83

    37  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff858d1096 -[NSTextField setFrameSize:] + 105

    38  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff857f424b -[NSView setFrame:] + 268

    39  com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010017a5dc 0x100000000 + 1549788

    40  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff857f424b -[NSView setFrame:] + 268

    41  com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010017a70e 0x100000000 + 1550094

    42  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff858d0754 -[NSView resizeWithOldSuperviewSize:] + 1324

    43  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff858d01ad -[NSView resizeSubviewsWithOldSize:] + 200

    44  com.apple.AppKit                        0x00007fff857f4996 -[NSView setFrameSize:] + 955

    45  com.apple.Aperture                      0x00000001001295aa 0x100000000 + 1217962

    46  com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010012c877 0x100000000 + 1230967

    47  com.apple.Aperture                      0x0000000100129b99 0x100000000 + 1219481

    48  com.apple.Aperture                      0x000000010017d7e7 0x100000000 + 1562599

    49  com.apple.Foundation                    0x00007fff8b8b2d32 __-[NSNotificationCenter addObserver:selector:name:object:]_block_invoke_1 + 47

    50  com.apple.CoreFoundation                0x00007fff839b9aaa _CFXNotificationPost + 2634

  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,715 points)

    Is it always the same image causing the crash? the same image(s) that cause the crash in full screen still work ok in regular mode?


    If you have not already done so start with the steps in Aperture 3: Troubleshooting Basics skip the Library rebuild but do the repairs and the preference file move and the \preview generation deferral.


    Also try a new empty library. Import some of the images your having problems with and see what happens.


    If that doesn;t cure it make a new user, log in as that user and run Aperture. See if it still crashes.


    BTW you downloaded from the App Store or did oyu install from DVD?


    post back the results.

  • Skinnydf Level 1 (5 points)

    It was any images that I tried to load full screen?


    Anyway, I've rebooted a couple of times, ran Aperture first aid and it seems (touch wood) to be running fine again?!


    Thanks for your help.

  • Skinnydf Level 1 (5 points)



    It's still crashing on ANY image that's opened in full screen, other than full screen it's working fine.


    I've tried all the aperture first aid options and uninstalling aperture, however i'm having trouble then reinstalling it from the original disk.


    I'm assuming its probably something outside Aperture and will try the Apple Support, however while i'm waiting the several days that will take, any other advice please anyone?



  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,715 points)

    So did it run from the 13th to now? How often does Aperture crash when you go into full screen?


    If you've done the repair of the library and library permissions, moved out the preference file and tried running Aperture with preview generation deferred then the next step is to create a new empty library adding a few images to it and running Aperture. If that fails then you need to create a new user and run Aperture on a new library as that user.


    These steps aren't meant to fix the problem but to try and see if the problem is in  your environment or if it is system wide.


    If the problem happens in the new user account then you will need to re-install Aperture. You mention you are having trouble doing this. What troubles are you having?


    Being able to re-install Aperture is necessary to continue troubleshooting your problem.



  • Skinnydf Level 1 (5 points)



    Thanks for your help once again.


    Aperture crashed every single time I tried to open any image from any project, the delay from the 13th was due to a holiday rather than anything else!


    As this library was only very small and backed up I have now managed to reinstall Aperture from the original disc. It is now working in full screen on various images so I'm hoping once again that it's been solved.


    I'll tentively mark it up as problem solved once again and hopefully leave you in peace.