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Hi, I have an iMac and a macbook pro. I want to put Windows 7 on both computers using the program bootcamp. I want to buy a family pack for windows 7, but I can only find an "upgrade" version for that. I wanted to know if I can install an "upgrade" version with bootcamp without having any other Windows OS installed.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    There is the Preview of Windows 8 which is free and will go Release Candidate around June and come out in the fall.


    there are Windows System Builder HP $99 if you want to try that on one and use 8 on the other.

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    Be careful with buying Windows S/W.  I just purchased a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium from Newegg, thinking it could be installed with bootcamp on my MacBook Pro.  I spent $99 for this OEM version of Windows 7 and spent all day trying to load it.  Came to the conclusion that you need to know a S/W geek who understands how to work around the roadblocks.  Can't get there from here.  If you find a source for a totally compatible version of Win7, please post it here.  I don't know any geeks!

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    Some Macs lack support for / from Apple for 64-bit edition.


    I don't recommend anyone though run a 32-bit OS.


    System Builder (OEM really should refer ONLY to vendor-supplied like with a Dell, HP, Apple that only works on THAT specific motherboard etc).


    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit is fine. Your fiirst post and made the assumption or jumped to a conclusion that all s/w doesnt work.


    SP1 didn't work on some Macs. But some Macs also seem to require SP1.

    There are no hard fast rules.

    There are nuances. So return it. But... a retail version will not do any different.


    And if you want to experiment, download and burn the ISO for Windows 8 CP.


    Any roadblocks are not Window's. I've seen


    faulty RAM (why it "works" in Lion... it should not have, it was faulty),

    or the superdrive (again, Apple), or trying unsupported (


    "I put my superdrive in USB case"

    "I have two SSDs I am trying to use"  You can but not with GPT partition table.


    Yes it may be geek. But you didn't ask anyone here for help either.

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    You are absolutely correct, Hatter.  Thanks for the help.  Pardon me for the attitude.  It was created on other boards.  My copy of Win 7 Home Premium does have SP1.  However, it is quite possible that I did something to cause this problem.  With help like yours it should be an easier journey getting things sorted.  My bad assumptions came about after receiving bad info on another board.  Am about to the point of trying Lion Internet Recovery.


    Thanks again.

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    No harm, other than lost time and down the wrong road (dead ends can help get back to where you want to go).


    When you are ready start a new thread, better for this one's OP and for you.

    And Windows 8 is a good test and free.


    the issue with SP1: my logic would say any new computer in the last six months is best off with it.


    Lion 10.7.0 was not ready for Boot Camp and the drivers but 7.1+ and BC 4.01 are.