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I am about to heave this Mac and return to a PC.  I need a working computer on my boat at all times.  We are often off shore for days at a time and for many days on long passages.  Often we are anchored off islands with no power.  My computer must recharge itself from the power available on the boat, and this it will not do on a consistent basis.  It will always start charging when I plug it into a land-based source, but it will not charge on the boat.  I have been told that the cycles are different, the voltage is lower, the Apple is too sensitive, etc., but I must be able to charge this thing.  We have 2 PC's on the boat.  No problem with them.  We have high-end, complicated navigation equipment.  No problem with them.  We have a re-chargeable satellite phone that works just fine.  It is just my Mac that will not work.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

MacBook Pro
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