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I bought a new Motorola SB6141 modem which arrived this evening. Registering it with Charter (my ISP) was essy -- once I connected my MBP directly to the modem. Then I spent hours trying and trying to get my Airport Extreme to connect with it. Sometimes I could coneect thru the AE via ethernet; sometimes not. Finally I did a full reset (hold in the button while powering up) then setting up a new network. So I'm  ack on the air.


Never have i felt so let down by Apple and "it just works".


Now though Airport Utility can't find my old Airport Express which I use to play music thru my stereo. Any ideas on this? Total reset of the AX???

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    I would certainly reset the Airport Express.  When you installed the new modem, the devices that were paired with your older device no longer knew where to connect.  I have not done what you describe, but I would expect that behavior to be normal.



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    Today I bumbled around enough to get my 2005 AX back on line for AirPlay.


    I eventually did a full reset and then found it on my iPad. Downloaded the Airport Utility for iPad which then ionformed me it couldn't set up my old AX.


    Went to my iMac and opened Airport Utility on it. It didn't show the AX either. I finally looked under the Airport icon and way down near the bottom was listed the AX. Clicked on it and Airport Utility told me I needed to download Airport UItility 5.6 (for Lion) which I did. Installed it and could finally set up my AX.


    Meanwhile I also downloaded a firmware update for AX not knowing if I needed it or not.


    I spent several hours fruitlessly searching Apple Support for the necessary info before I finally found the solution.