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I need 3.1 bootcamp update that fixes the problem with sound - the one titled http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4177


I have Snow Leopard, and currently have Bootcamp version 3.0.4. I'm running the 64 bit windows 7 ultimate in my windows partition. The update is a windows update, and others that I need after for that matter are only windows .exe files. So, I'm assuming that I open and run this update while I'm on the windows side of my new partition? I'm not having any luck doing this. I've tried to update to 3.2, but it keeps saying I need earlier versions, which makes sense. However, when I try to install this update, which appears to be the next one after the one I have it's not installing. There's a warning message. that says to verify I have the software and or the correct upgrade path. This makes sense as well, since bootcamp isn't on the windows side of my partition. What are my next steps here? Do I install bootcamp 1.0 on my windows side of my partition and update from there?


I don't have any sound on my windows 7 side of things, and I'm assuming that I should be updating to bootcamp 3.2. How should I go about doing this? Is my sound issue related to somthing else? I don't have any sound at all.....I haven't tried headphones to see if they would work.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Updates for Boot Camp utilities can be found at support.apple.com/downloads/.

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    Kappy, maybe you could help after reading my post/questions? The title is a little misleading.



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    All I can suggest is that you start by installing the drivers that should be on your Snow Leopard DVD. Given you are using Windows 7 you might see what drivers you are permitted to download through Boot Camp Assistant.


    Each Boot Camp driver update at the download site only updates the preceding version. That only goes as far as when a new version is released with a new version of OS X. Then you must use the drivers with the new version of OS X. Then you can update them.

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    the instructions for conducting the partition did say that I would need my Mac install DVD. However, the Bootcamp wizard when it took me through the partition never asked for - directions on computer and as outlined in the printed directions by apple didn't match up.


    How would I install those drivers? Do I have my windows 7 running and pop in my Snow Leopard DVD?


    If the files on apples site are windows files (when I try to open them when running my OSx, I get a Win 32 error). I understand this error is because they are windows files? That means I have to open and run them on the windows side of things. that's what I can gather.


    Thanks in advance,

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    You are making this seem harder.


    you have 3.04


    The  next update is 3.1 which you can download manually or update through the Windows Apple Software Update program. Either way.


    Then 3.2 and maybe 3.3.


    Lion is different. The software drivers are downloaded only from Boot Camp Assistant 4.x and saved to USB disc and installed from inside Windows.


    I don't know what that article does not include the manual standalone update 3.1 (one for 32-bit, another for 64-bit)


    Produce support page is best place.





    Boot Camp 3.1 - 3.2





    Boot Camp Software Update 3.3 for Windows


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    Thanks Kappy, your post got me thinking and I got the issue resolved. I was missing a step.


    I went back and reread the Apple partition installation directions, and realized I needed to install the drivers for the Windows side of my partition, from my Mac Install disk. This was the step I was missing and the reason for my issues in Windows.


    This is a case where the directions for creating the partition are off in a few areas/steps, and the installation wizard doesn't match the partition directions. It's not intuitive that you can only get Bootcamp on the windows side if you start with the Mac Installation Disk. You can't install Bootcamp manually in Windows, unless you get Bootcamp from your Mac OS install disk.


    Thanks All,

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    There is no installation wizard on a Mac.


    If you read the introduction it seems to be pretty clear what is happening


    Boot Camp lets you install Windows on a Mac computer, using a Microsoft Windows

    installation disc that you provide. Windows is installed on its own partition. After

    installation, you can use either Windows or Mac OS X on your Mac computer.


    The Boot Camp Assistant application helps you create the Windows partition

    and restart your Mac using your Windows installation disc. Then you follow these

    instructions to install Windows and install software drivers that let Windows work

    with your Mac hardware.


    If you’ve already installed Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp and you want

    to upgrade to Windows Vista or Windows 7, you don’t need to use the Boot Camp

    Assistant. Follow the instructions in “Upgrading to Windows Vista or Windows 7”

    on page 15.


    Important:  Before you use Boot Camp Assistant, print this document. It contains

    information you’ll need while installing Windows

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    This seems easy but its not working for me.


    I have SnowLeopard and BootCamp 3.0. I have windows 7, 64bit on a MBP 2,66GHZ C2D.


    When i try to update Bootcamp i only get Exe files and these cannot work on my mac partition.

    I managed to install windows 7 but need to install the drivers to play tthe game i want.

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    Of course it works if you do it FROM INSIDE Windows - that is what .exe files (apps) are for.


    PS: you just don't have the problem of the owner of the thread, even though the title led you here.


    Apple's Softare Update for Windows is all you really need. Open it next time in Windows and it will show if you need 3.1 (then 3.2, and last 3.3)






    Boot Camp 3.1 - 3.2





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    Thanks for the quik answer, I thought i needed to update Boot Camp assitant and then re-install windows.


    I'll give it a try, Thanks!

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    The problem with all of this is much of the information Apple gives you is misleading, along with all the different versions of Bootcamp one must look at to see if it is the right choice.


    In light of bringing up a two-year old topic, I also feel Apple should of said something regarding the lack of Windows support software on a broken link, it's been what, a few years now, if not more?


    So since I have a Macbook (late 2009, Snow Leopard), this is basically what I have to do:


    1. Download Bootcamp Updates 3.1 & 3.2, copy files onto USB drive for later.  (Is there any reason why I would need 3.3?)

    2. Run Bootcamp Assistant

    3. Make partition for Windows 7

    4. Install Windows

    5. Use Mac OSX disc (since Macbooks don't come with installation discs, you have to buy them on their own)

    6. Update Bootcamp on the Windows side

    7. Start gaming


    All in all this cost me a rough estimate of $140 from Amazon.com. Shame I didn't buy the Mac installation DVD sooner.

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    Cajjj wrote:


    In light of bringing up a two-year old topic, I also feel Apple should of said something regarding the lack of Windows support software on a broken link, it's been what, a few years now, if not more?

    Which support link is broken, post it here and we will see if it is actually broken.