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I have a MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz with 8GB of ram and OSX 10.6.8- I have installed Java update 8 last night and now when I access with Safari or Firefox a page that needs Java to display documents, I run into a loop spinning and no docs are visibile any more.


Please help me.


I have repaired permission, emtpy cache, no luck....

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    Java is comparatively unusual for displaying documents.  (The use of Javascript is more common here.)


    Java is disabled in Safari by the most recent Java update, and you'll have to enable that - if Java is required here, and not Javascript - before Java applications can be downloaded and executed.


    If it's not the browser setting and if these documents are located on the public internet, please post a link to one and somebody can have a look at it.


    If these documents are not located on the internet and are using Java, then contact Apple for assistance.   If your OS X system has AppleCare, do call Apple.


    Rolling in a backup prior to the update might be required, pending troubleshooting this issue,  Somebody will probably have to look at whatever stackdump or error is occuring here; that'll typically be somebody that is maintaining the Java document viewer.

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    Hi, the document is based on a third party web site as pdf. Before I did NOT have any problem to view it within the browser. After the update of Java to version 8 (security from last night), the only way to get it is to disable java and download it and than view it through Acrobat, off line.


    So what I can do?

    I open the java control panel but do not see anything specific that looks odd or disable. Also the java plugin settings is enable in both Safari and Firefox.


    Probably it is best to go back to the previus version of Java? How to do that? How to remove current one and install version 7? On google cannot find a solution, in fact people say that there is not a real removing tool for that :-(


    please help me.

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    Is the third-party site and the referenced PDF available on the open internet?  If so, then please post the URL.


    It would appear something has co-opted the normal Preview-based PDF view that's provided within Safari.  (That PDF display process doesn't involve Java by default.)


    There are stability and security updates for issues with various Adobe tools.  Confirm that your Adobe Acrobat and other related Adobe pieces are patched to current.


    Safari with the current Java patches defaults to disabling Java, and will also disable Java if it is not being used regularly.  To enable Java within Safari, select the Safari menu > Preferences > Security > check the Enable Java box.  (Whether this setting might effects the particular third-party web site depends on what the third-party site is doing; whether the site is using Java.)


    Java downgrades?  As was mentioned earlier, the easiest is to roll in your current backup.  If you don't have a backup that was created prior to the installation and if the update does not work, then you have a problem as AFAIK there isn't an easy way to remove or downgrade Java.  That may end up being a reinstallation of OS X; of rolling out a backup (or two) onto an external disk (or two), wiping the system disk, and reloading everything except the latest Java, including migrating in the contents of the external disk.


    If you have AppleCare, you can call Apple and ask for help troubleshooting this.