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I ran a hardware test using the "Applications Install DVD" after my iMac (Snow Leopard 10.6.8, Intel, last quater of 2011, 18 GB of RAM...) froze up on me for the first time in the middle of a job applicaiton...you know the drill...


Insert Applications Install DVD.

Hold down the "D" key...as computer is restarted...


I just wanted to make sure the hardware was working properly or was okay...


Since I had everything backed-up through Time Machine on my Time Capsule, I wanted to do a "fresh" reinstall of the OS and applications. I reformatted the HDD and then everything went smoothly until I inserted the Applications DVD.  My computer will not read the disc!  Thankfully I had my TM/C to restore everything; however, what happens if I loose both HDD's?


Also, I did not purchase the Apple Care or the iMac from Apple... Do you think an Apple Store, since in the media is in top shape (no scratches, bumps or bruises) and less than a year old, would replace the disc?  


I even tried putting the disc in my Win 7 machine to see if I could make a copy or an ISO, but it will not even recognize it...  And yes, I did try multiple DVD's and they worked just fine (or I would not been able to reinstall the OS to begin with).


Look forward to your feedback!





iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Just ask them.


    Even if apple doesn't replace the disk for free there is only a small nominal charge for replacements.  All you need is your machine's serial number.


    Note, if the optical drive is damaging the dvd's you might want to get apple to look at that anyhow.  Don't know what that would cost for the labor.  Optical drives themselves are fairly cheap.


    As for loosing your HDD's.  Yes, it's good to have backups.  But it's even better if you have two backups.

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    Dear X423424X,


    A little late, but I wanted to say thank you!


    Short version:


    • Known "defect" with the Super Drive: the opening some how is not formed correctly/loses shape which is fixed with a plastic tool (readily on hand at the Apple Store to be used by an Apple Employee).  This cause a minor scratch in the disk...
    • Under warranty: Apple fixed Super Drive opening and replaced the interal component just to be on the safe side.
    • Went ahead and purchased the Apple Care (it came in handy a few months later as the screen had to be replaced because of heat displacement causing color bleeding in the upper-left corner of the display -- per Apple employee this is where most of the heat is generated...).
    • Recently wanted to do a "fresh" install, don't ask why, and same problem with a new replacement disk; however, after I updated the OS (Pre 10.8, just a regular updated on the what every originally came with it), the new disk worked great!


    All-in-all, it was a top notch expereince.


    Funny story: Had my better half go pick it up from the Apple Store for me.  He is an Android fan, got rushed by Apple staff and pulled out his Droid RAZR MAXX.  LOL!  Said they all vanished like smoke! Wish I could have been there to see that!  Then the Apple employee made a special effort and ask him to convey how much the Apple Care saved me (with a little bit of an attitude).


    Why is this funny?  Becuase it was still under the manfacture's warranty and would have been replaced without the Apple Care! LOL!


    But hey, If I can't get my answers in the forums or online...I have no problem and calling them.  For a "new" user, I would reccomend it, if it is in you budget.  Great products, great support.


    Thanks again X!


    Best Regards,