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I dont know what happens with my powerbook g4 processor 1.33 ghz memory 256 and 516. My safari doesnt open, I cant open also the software up date. Only I want to instal and erase all but I lost the original disk of the compuer. The disk utility Itray it to use and is not working or I dont know to use it. Please somebody can help me? Julie Purcell

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.3.x), some software crash it
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    The original gray-faced OS X disks delivered with your system are no longer available from Apple. If you really want to reload your software from scratch, you'll need to obtain either the same disks that came with your system or OS X and iLife disks.


    If you look for used gray-faced OS X disks, make sure they are for your model Powerbook. You couldn't use, for example, gray-faced disks from an eMac.


    It may be easier just to buy OS X and iLife disks. One source for unopened Apple software is http://www.hardcoremac.com , and they do carry older software.