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I downloaded Java update 7 the other night. I had not closed my iPlayer desktop (accidentally) and when the laptop and programmes restarted all my downloaded content on the destop application had disappeared or more specifically are no longer 'visible'. I know they are there, coz they still register in my 'memory used' and the desktop also still shows me the normal "this content has now expired" dialogue box when the programmes are due to expire (i.e. 7 days after viewing or 1 month after downloading without watching.


I had the similar problem at the end of 2011, but had not connected it with a download ... but as this happen immediately after this upgrade I am now sure it's the Java update (as I also downloaded iTunes and Safari updates at teh same time, but had done these since the last time I had the problem without issue). Last time I uninstalled and re-installed the iPlayer desktop many times and then gave up and used the website only for ages .... until suddenly one day (probably over a month later) I tried to download something and it 'appeared' and has then worked well ever since.


Has anyone had this problem? Can I cure it without losing the downloaded content I still want to watch that is no longer available to download? (I'm part way through a series and it's incredibly frustrating!!!) ;o)


If I download update 8 will it help or make it worse?! and if I do ... should I leave iplayer desktop open again or close it this time?! (I have made a note to self that I will close it every time I upgrade in future!!)


Thanks for any help or advice on this!

Mac OS X (10.6.8), java update 7